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Award-winning educational courses for students and schools.

About Us


Back in 2015 we started supporting students with their medical school applications and work experience, as part of the Medical Projects side of The Education Projects Group.

We have developed strong relationships with schools, teachers, parents and students, who trusted our advice, guidance and courses specifically for their students on the medical pathway. As the years progressed, we were regularly asked if we could support students on other healthcare pathways. We are now in the process of expanding to support the full range of healthcare pathways, not just medicine.

Can I book a course as an individual?
Yes. The vast majority of students that join our courses are individual students. The work we do with schools and school trips is completely separate from our courses. All the courses you see on our site are bookable as individuals.
Who are your courses for?
Our courses are for students aged 15+ who are thinking about applying to university or a higher educational institute. Our typical student would be 15-17 years old, and would either be looking for an educational course that helps them make a decision about their career path, or helps them gain a place at university.
Do you work with schools?
Yes. We also run bespoke in-school courses or school trips. If you are a teacher looking to discuss options, please contact us at info@educationprojects.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
When do your courses run?
Our online courses run nearly all year round. Our residential courses run during most major UK school holidays.

What We Do.
Who We Work With.

We run courses which help students decide their career path, and help them gain their dream place at university or higher educational institute. Our courses support students through the entire process including; work experience, personal statements, applications, interviews, mentoring and personal development.

We work with individual students and families who want to gain that coveted place at university. We also work with schools who require support courses or educational events and trips.

Over the past few years we have worked with thousands of individual students, the vast majority of top schools in the UK and a selection of top international schools.


Trusted by 1000s of students, teachers and parents.

We have built our reputation on delivering the highest quality advice, guidance and educational courses for student sand schools. Everything we do at The Education Projects Group is about delivering the highest quality across all our courses and support for students. 

We make no secret about how we do this. We hire the best Mentors and Teachers and develop innovative, exciting and challenging educational courses. We believe when you bring exceptional Mentors and Teachers together with students who want to learn, you have a recipe for success. We love hearing from our students who have gained that place at medical school or that spot on their first choice university course.

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