Advanced Academic Courses & University Preparation

COVID-19 Statement Update:

The situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented, however, we will continue to support all our students in any and every way we can to ensure education prevails.

We will allow all students to postpone their course to our Summer 2020 dates, October 2020 dates, February 2021 dates, April 2021 dates or Summer 2021 dates without any charges. We are fully committed to running our courses as soon as it is safe to do so. We have also developed a comprehensive range of safety procedures and policies, in-line with the latest WHO and FCO advice, to ensure students safely receive the world-class teaching that they have come to expect from The Education Projects Group.

We will also be developing a range of online/digital resources to ensure we can continue delivering world-class education. If we can support you, your school or your students in any way at this difficult time, please do contact our team and we will do everything we can to help.

Spend Your Summer Learning At Top UK Universities 

The Education Projects Group’s mission is to deliver award-winning academic courses, through immersive learning to students globally. Our residential and single day courses cover several major career pathways such as Medicine, Business, Finances & Economics, Law, Engineering and Veterinary Medicine. 

 We bring together world-class teachers and immersive learning environments, to provide an engaging educational experience that provides challenging academic learnings, as well as providing key university and student life insight. With years of experience, operating placements for thousands of students, we provide outstanding educational programmes that broaden academic horizons and help develop the key competencies required for future studies.


Medicine is one of the most ambitious and competitive career pathways a student can apply for. Students need to be able to demonstrate a genuine insight into working life in healthcare, as well as gaining valuable medical work experience and showing what they have learnt from it.

Business, Finance & Economics

The subject areas of Business, Finance and Economics are involved in almost every part of life. Understanding how the global economies interact and work together all the way down to SMEs decisions around marketing and business planning, it’s a truly broad and dynamic group of subjects.


Law continues to be a challenging and exciting career pathway for students. It’s important students are aware of the different pathways available within the legal sector, and have a clear insight that allows them to make informed decisions about their future.


Engineering has seen huge changes and technological advances in recent years. Students have the opportunity to change the world with the right focus and drive. As Engineering is a challenging and advancing career, exploring its various pathways first is incredibly important in making the correct decision for the future.

Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science is a highly competitive career pathway for students. Work experience requirements and challenging application processes mean students need to be proactive and prepared as early as possible. Career exploration and hands-on skills training will help provide an invaluable head start for students passionate about making a difference.