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About Us


Our mission is to deliver award-winning career insight through experiential learning to students, globally.


We are one of the UK’s leading career insight and educational course providers. We offer a range of residential, single-day, and in-school courses that provide students with an unforgettable educational experience, giving them an invaluable head start in their chosen field and developing the key competencies required for their potential future career path. Our courses – which all have an emphasis on education through experience – cover several major career pathways such as Medicine, Business, Law, Engineering and Veterinary Science. By bringing together expert tutoring and engaging learning environments, we help develop students’ skills in communication, leadership, teamwork and problem-solving. Students will also build and maintain effective relationships with like-minded change-makers around the world, who are passionate about the same subjects and can support them through their chosen path’s process.

Founded in 2015 with our flagship career insight course provider, Medical Projects, we aim to educate, inspire and empower students to make ambitious – and informed – decisions about their futures, leading to the formation of the Education Projects Group in 2018. We believe experiencing things first-hand is the most effective learning method for students, which is why we’re pleased to offer career insight for students from the age of 13+. 

Awards and Collaboration

Our team is committed to working with world-class partners to deliver the best educational experiences for our students. Find out who we work with and the awards we have won for our courses.

How It Works

Our support to students starts before the course begins and continues far beyond the completion of the course. For more infomation about the support please read our How it works page.

The Problem We Solve

The world is developing at such a pace that students need to be more insightful and better prepared than ever before. Find out more about how our courses can help.

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