Where to apply with an average UCAT score

Where to apply with an average UCAT score

Holly Melvin
4th Year Medical Student at The University of Manchester, Instagram account: @that.girl.medic
September 20, 2021

Firstly, congratulations on doing so well in your UCAT exam. You might not feel like you deserve this, or perhaps you had hopes of achieving a really high UCAT score, and it didn’t work out for you. However, please be kind to yourself! Bear in mind that the UCAT is a highly competitive exam, all the candidates will be high achieving academic students, and so naturally, the bar is high for even passing (e.g. getting an average score) let alone scoring a really high score. 

Don’t despair and think that you need to resit your UCAT. There are lots of universities that accept students with average UCAT scores or don’t place as much importance on it, so the world is still very much your oyster. 

What is an average UCAT score?

In 2020, the average UCAT score of the year was 2511. The average UCAT score in 2019 was lower – 2484. You can find more statistics on the UCAT website. 

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Where to apply with a low ucat score?

If you are really concerned about your UCAT score, there’s always the option to apply to universities that don’t require an entrance exam at all. The University of Buckingham and the University of Central Lancashire are examples of this. 

In this article, we will not mention medical schools that are suitable to apply to if you have a low UCAT score. You can find the list of these medical schools here. However, if you scored an average UCAT score, it would be a good idea to apply to some of the medical schools on the low UCAT list as well.

If you socred around 2500 on your UCAT exam and your predicted A-Levels are As and A*s, you should consider applying to these Medical Schools:

  • University of Aberdeen
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Edge Hill University

Universities which you should probably avoid

Newcastle University does have a reputation for placing a great deal of weight on the UCAT. Indeed, our statistics show that they have the highest overall UCAT score (of 2730 in 2020) for the lowest score of a candidate they gave an interview to, so basically, you need to have done well in the UCAT to apply to them. Kings College London is quite similar, partly because it’s very popular and so competitive, the average UCAT score of candidates given an interview in 2020 was 2880, so again, avoid Kings College if you have an average score.

Check other requirements

Don’t forget to look at other requirements for medical schools which require an average UCAT score!

Although this might sound obvious, it can be really easy to overlook other requirements for your medical school application (particularly because there are so many of them) when you’re concentrating on one factor, such as the UCAT. As such, this is a list of things to also remember to check you have that universities might require before applying to a university just because they have certain UCAT requirements. This isn’t a comprehensive list, so there might be other things you need to add to this.

  • Amount of volunteering. Some universities have a minimum requirement for the length of volunteering you have done. This is to show that you have a commitment to studying medicine. They might even specify the number of months, so check this!
  • GCSE requirements, this could either be that you have to have taken specific subjects (for example double or triple science) or that you have to have achieved certain grades or a specific overall score. If the university tells you how to calculate your GCSE score, be sure to take the time to actually do this.
  • A-level options can also determine which university you can go to. Some universities require either Maths or Physics at A-level whilst others may only need Chemistry or Biology, so check this out before you waste a space on a university who will reject you straight away due to wrong A-levels.

Your other options

If you really are disappointed and had hoped to do better, or perhaps go to a “high calibre” university (in my mind any place at medical school is high calibre), there are several options available to you. Firstly, there’s always the option to take a gap year and resit your UCAT exam the following year, during which you have a whole year to prepare for it. Do keep in mind that if you scored worse the following year, your original higher score would not be carried over. Alternatively, you could also opt to sit the BMAT and either apply to only universities which require the BMAT or a mixture of UCAT and BMAT requiring medical schools. 


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