UCAT Registration – How to book your UCAT exam

UCAT Registration – How to book your UCAT exam

Holly Melvin
4th Year Medical Student at The University of Manchester, Instagram account: @that.girl.medic
July 21, 2021


Your UCAT exam is a crucial part of your application to medicine, and not doing it can mean you’re not able to apply to the universities you want. Because of that, you should be clear on the UCAT registration process and know all the key dates around the UCAT (all of them are included in this article).

Therefore it’s really important you apply in time. Otherwise, you will have to either do the BMAT and apply to different universities or wait a whole other year to be able to apply to medicine. 

Sorting out your UCAT exam and registering for it can seem really daunting, especially if you don’t know anyone who’s already done it who you can ask for help. This article will cover the basics you need to know to apply for your UCAT exam.

UCAT Registration Checklist

  • You need to create a web account
  • Book via the UCAT website or by phone
  • You can open your account from 2nd June until 22nd September
  • Testing begins on 26th July
  • Testing ends on 29th September
  • You need your ID to book your exam
  • UCAT costs £75 for the UK candidates, £120 for the international

How do I book my UCAT exam? 

What does the UCAT registration process look like?

Booking the UCAT exam is actually a really easy and quick process. It can all be done online on their website, and you need to be the person to do it yourself, not your college or school. 

Once you’ve created a web account and received your username via email, you can book your test. Alternatively, you can book via telephone.

You must register with your legal name exactly the same as it appears on your ID (e.g. your driving licence or passport). This is because you bring your ID to sit your exam, and if it doesn’t match, you won’t be able to sit your UCAT exam, even though you will have paid for it. 

You can use the Pearson Vue test centre locator to make sure you book at the test centre that’s the easiest and most convenient for you to get to. 

There’s a short questionnaire for you to complete as part of the application process. This includes questions on demographic characteristics, your parents, and any affiliation to the UCAT consortium. But don’t worry. None of this information is passed onto the universities, and it all remains anonymous in any research they do with it.

If you think you might be eligible for the UCAT bursary or that you need special arrangements due to a disability, you might want to contact the UCAT Consortium by phone first to check whether this is the case. Check out our article on the UCATSEN for more information on this.

When can I register for the UCAT?

UCAT registration

You can register for an account on the UCAT website between 2nd June – 22nd September 2021, and this changes every year. Registration closes at 12 noon BST on 22nd September. 

It’s really important that you register in time. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to sit the exam, as the UCAT consortium does not make any exceptions. 

After the 28th June, applications open and you can book your test online via your UCAT account. After web booking closes, you can phone the Pearson Vue Customer services number until the 28th September to cancel, book or reschedule your UCAT exam.

What do I need to register for the UCAT?

The whole UCAT regisration process is really simple. All you need is an internet connection, email address, payment method, and a form of ID you can show at the test centre on the day of the exam.

If you are applying for one of the UCATSEN, UCATSA, UCATSENSA or UCATSEN50 you will need to apply for approval, so this is a slightly different process that may require more evidence than applying for the standard UCAT.

What is the cost of taking the UCAT?

If you are eligible for the UCAT bursary, then you can apply for this and receive a UCAT bursary voucher. If you use this when booking your test, your UCAT exam will be free.

If not, tests taken in the UK cost £75. If you are taking your UCAT exam outside of the UK, this will cost you more, at £120. 

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Best time to take the UCAT

It’s completely up to you when you choose to take your UCAT. My main advice would be to make sure you have enough time beforehand to prepare for it. Make sure the actual exam date and preparation time doesn’t clash with any academic school exams or holidays/birthdays etc. 

Following my advice, the ideal time to sit the UCAT would be towards the end of August or the beginning of September.

Where can I access UCAT, and how can I contact them?

This website link for UCAT website takes you directly to the page on booking the UCAT – https://www.ucat.ac.uk/register/

You can also contact them via their social media pages, or phone the UCAT Consortium number if you need specific advice, or are unsure of anything.

As mentioned already earlier in the article, the UCAT registration process isn’t anything scary. You just need to make sure you meet all the deadlines and don’t miss the key dates.


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