Reflection Template – Reflecting on Work Experience

Reflection Template – Reflecting on Work Experience

Colette Tolley
2nd-year Medical Student at University of Oxford
July 16, 2021

Reflective journal template sheet

Reflecting on your work experience is crucial when applying to Medicine (other universities as well). You need to show what you experienced, what you learnt from it and how it made you a more mature person. Easier said than done! That’s why we’ve made this Reflection Template Sheet – to make it easier for you to reflect and build your uni application.

To learn how to properly reflect on your work experience, read our Reflection in Medicine guide.

work experience reflection template

Download an empty pdf version of this reflection template here.

How to use reflection template

While this template is very straightforward, let’s dig a bit deeper into it.

Date and location

This section is important since it will make it easier for you to picture this situation a couple of months down the line. It will also make it easier for you to create a proper reflection journal in chronological order. Apart from this, there isn’t much more to explain here.

Specific example

In this section, you need to describe what happened. What the situation looked like and, who you interacted with, and what was the aim/setting of the situation. 

In the example above, you can see that we were interacting with an elderly patient. The aim of this conversation isn’t important, but the setting is. The patient hasn’t had any visitors for a week. 

Ward Round Live

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GP Live

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Medical Summer School–London

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How it made me feel

This is a crucial part. You need to describe your emotions during this situation and what feelings this situation triggered in you. 

It’s also good to give a bit of context to your emotions here or why you felt that way. In this example, we are trying to bring this situation onto us and compare it to our life. This is great as it shows empathy.

What qualities did this demonstrate?

Now, try to highlight the qualities that are important for the field you want to study. In this example, we want to study Medicine, so empathy, listening and non-verbal communication are great qualities to include.

This section is just about listing, no need to write long paragraphs here.

What I learnt

Again, this section needs to be tailored to the field of your studies. 

In this section, explain how the previous section’s qualities can help deal with the situation you were in. In other words, why are the qualities described earlier important for what you want to study, based on the situation you are reflecting on.


Unless you are already a hero of the field you want to study, this situation will raise some (many) questions. Note down at least some of them. It also shows that you are really interested in this field and can ask the right questions.

Reflection template – Conclusion

This reflection template is good guidance for you to write down your daily experiences. You should then use these experiences to build your Work Experience portfolio. Also, this can help you come up with questions you may be asked during your admission interview.


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