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UCAT Crash Course

For an initial introduction to the UCAT, how it works and the sections involved.  How to tackle the main question types and likely questions to come up.

You’ve just started looking at the UCAT exam and want to know how it works and how to begin revision and practicing.

5 Hours



UCAT Masterclass

An advanced course linking back to the UCAT Crash course but providing further tactics, hints and tips to mastering those more difficult questions and getting higher scores.

You’re doing OK in your practice exams and know generally how the UCAT works, but you’re still struggling with timing and the more difficult questions, and want to get those higher band marks.

6 Hours



Personal Statement Course

An introduction and overview of advice for tackling your Personal Statement.  The day will include topics such as structure, frameworks, and how to evidence key qualities. 

You’re starting to look at your personal statement and aren’t sure where to begin, or you’ve begun and aren’t sure how to evidence all of your qualities.

5 Hours



Personal Statement Review

Email us your personal statement after booking 1 or 3 reviews and our experienced mentors will provide specific notes and advice throughout your document before sending it back to you.

You’ve done your personal statement and would like someone to give you some advice on what to keep or remove before editing.  You may have done a few drafts now and want a final review before submitting.

Less than a 2 week turnaround


Single - £79
Three - £199

Mock MMI Interviews

Our Mock Interviews are conducted online by our experienced mentors.  Students have 30 minutes for MMI questions and answers, and the second 30 minutes is for feedback to the student and guidance.

You’re not sure how MMI’s work and want to get an idea of the typical types of questions you’d be asked.  You also want to try answering interview questions under pressure to get advice and tips before the real thing.

1 Hour per Session



GP Live

Our ground-breaking GP Live gives students the opportunity to host their own GP surgery, under the guidance of our Mentors. Unlike other courses that use pre-recorded videos, this course is LIVE and interactive. Students will talk directly to patients and have the full support of the group and our mentors to work through each case.

You would like a taster day of what its like to take on the role of a GP, as well as working as a team to diagnose clinical medical conditions.

6 Hours



Clinical Skills

We post out a clinical skills pack with all the equipment you will need for the course in advance.  Then we jump into our online teaching room where one of our Doctors will run a fully interactive clinical skills course that you can take without even needing to leave the house. 

You’re excited about the practical aspects of Medical School and want to get a little head start on some practical clinical skills, as well as getting the equipment and skills to continue practicing skills such as suturing.

3 1/2 Hours



Admissions Tutoring

Book a meeting with one of our Mentors and you’ll lead the 45minute session with what you’d like advice on such as interviews, your personal statement, gaining insight into life as a Medical Student or advice on how to get the most out of your work experience.

You would like personalised help on certain aspects of your medical school application.  You may want to use this time to gain insight into the medical career to use in your personal statement and interviews.  You may also have questions about specific UCAT sections you’d like to work on, or want some advice on your personal statement, or on how to get additional work experience.

45 Minutes per Session



Virtual Work Experience Week

A Monday to Friday online course covering all the preparation elements a student needs when applying to medical school; experience, insight, clinical skills, entrance examinations, interviews & personal statements.

You would like to gain a variety of insights to use in your medical school application and you would like to work on everything within 1 week. You’d like to gain the interactive experience of being a virtual GP, as well as getting advice on entrance examinations and top tips for writing your personal statement.

5 Days



UK Medical Work Experience Course

As well as all the benefits of an exciting residential course, students spend 3 days within a simulation suite in a London NHS hospital, taking on the role of an A & E doctor with simulation patients.  Students learn clinical skills through the week such as basic life support, cannulation, blood pressure taking and suturing.  They also take part in a medical school preparation day including advice on entrance examinations and life as a medical student, as well as a mock MMI morning 

You want to get hands-on with teams of other students to take on the role of an A & E doctor within a simulation suite, working under pressure to assess, diagnose and treat patients.  You want to take part in a mock MMI and get personal feedback on your answers, as well as an application preparation day.  You would also  like the residential experience to see what it’s like to make new friends and spend time with them away from home, while taking part in evening activities after your days learning.  

1 Week - Residential



Ward Round Live

Our Doctors start by explaining how hospital wards function and the MDT involved, before presenting a real case to the students. Students will learn communication skills specifically used within hospital ward rounds, as opposed to the information gathered at a GP consultation.  After your knowledge is built up in the morning , students get the chance to take on their own cases! 

 The communication skills and patient cases on this course are different to our GP Live course.  

You want to learn more about what happens within a Hospital ward, and the types of patients and conditions Doctors treat with within the hospital.  Join this course if you want to develop your communication skills and use this experience to demonstrate a variety of skills Medical Schools are looking for in a potential medical student. 

6 hours



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