Ward Round Live 

Expert Tip 1:

Conducting a ward round is much like a problem solving task. You need to process information from notes, MDT, observations and the patient to work out how effective the current treatment plan is.  What is the information telling you?

Expert Tip 2:

Never underestimate the role and importance of the other Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) members on a ward. For example, nurses have a much closer relationship with the patients & may have essential information that could change your decision and treatment plans.
Hospital Work Experience,  Now Online!

Hospital work experience has always been the most sought after but most challenging type of experience to find. Hospitals currently have blocked or severely limited work experience spaces for students, but we have now solved this problem!  

Our Ward Round Live course uses the latest live-streaming technology to bring you into our simulated ward. Students will see real cases and can now talk with our patients. Students will discuss each case with their fellow students and our NHS Doctors in more detail than they would get a chance to in traditional hospital shadowing placements. 

We believe there is no better experience than an immersive one. Students will learn to speak to patients,  order tests and examinations, as well as discuss each case with our Doctors before suggesting treatment plans.  

This course is taught and guided by our dedicated NHS Doctors. A full day of ward-based medical experience to boost your medical school application. 

Why join the Ward Round Live course?

The UK's only virtual hospital ward experience

Better than traditional shadowing placements

All online - Can be completed at home

Amazing for personal statements and interviews

Receive a certificate of completion for your portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?
1. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

2. A few days before your course start date we will send you another email with the link and password to join for our online Hospital ward.

3. Log in to the online platform around 10 minutes before the start time.

4. Our Mentors will take it from here, enjoy the course!

5. We will send out a certificate of completion for your portfolio.

How does it work online?
We have built a hospital ward within a TV studio so you can access via our online platform. You will be on-screen so the Doctor and patients can see and hear you. You will be able to interact with everyone directly from your computer at home. You will need a working video and microphone on your computer or laptop.
Won't everyone doing this course have the same experience?
All the patient cases will be different on each course so every course is unique. And nearly half of the course is live interaction between the students, patients and doctors so it’s always unique. We don’t use pre-recorded videos, it’s all 100% live.
Does this count as work experience?
Yes, this is the same (we believe better) than traditional shadowing within a hospital. Universities are looking for students who can demonstrate insight and we believe full immersion and the interactive nature of this course provides much deeper insight than some forms of traditional shadowing.
Are they real patients?
All the medical cases are real and are delivered by medical actors. Every actor is prepped with an extensive medical history and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Better than traditional shadowing.

 Traditional hospital placements normally pair students with a busy NHS Doctor. Typically the Doctor has a really busy case load and limited time to talk and explain each case. Students spend most of their time observing and taking lots of notes. But, there is a better way to learn – by being immersed and having to speak to patients, and work through real cases yourself. 

We have built our own hospital ward within a live-streaming studio so we can conduct ward rounds for our students.  Our Doctors start by explaining how hospital wards function and the MDT involved, before presenting a real case to the students. After this our Doctor will build up your knowledge by looking at observations and procedures, before giving students the chance to take on their own cases! 

By the end of the day you will be talking directly to the patients, reading notes, observations, ordering scans or tests and suggesting treatment plans. Our Doctors are on hand to help guide and support students through the entire process. There is no better experience and insight than full immersion into the role of a hospital ward doctor! 


Course Timetable 

This course runs from 10am until approximately 4:30pm. This is a highly interactive course and students will be required to have a working video and microphone for communication with the Doctors and patients.  

10:00am –  Welcome and introductions

10:15am – An introduction to a Doctors role in a hospital setting

10:30am – How to effectively review patients notes

11:00am – How to conduct a patient history & review on the ward

11:30am – Demonstration of live patient review and consultation

11:45am – Debrief of example case

12 noon – Practice ward round consultation (Doctor led)

12:15pm – Debrief and discussion of practice ward round

12:30pm – Practice ward round consultation 1

12:45pm – Debrief and discussion of consultation 1

1pm – Lunch

2:30pm –  Student-led consultation 2

2:45pm – Debrief and discussion of consultation 2

3:00pm – Student-led consultation 3

3:15pm – Debrief and discussion of consultation 3

3:30pm – Student-led consultation 4

3:45pm – Debrief and discussion of consultation 4

4:00pm – How to reflect on your work experience correctly

4:15pm – End of day knowledge quiz

Book your space today

Please complete the online booking form and proceed to payment. Spaces on this course are limited to 21 and spaces fill up 4-6 months in advance, early booking is required.

Ward Round Live Dates and Fees

Course fee – £159

Course dates:  

– 6th February 2021 ***SOLD OUT***

– 15th February 2021

– 16th February 2021

– 27th February 2021

– 7th March 2021

– 21st March 2021

27th March 2021 ***SOLD OUT***

– 15th April 2021 ***SOLD OUT***

– 16th April 2021

– 24th April 2021

– 15th May 2021

– 3rd June 2021

– 26th June 2021

– 15th July 2021

– 22nd July 2021

– 3rd August 2021

– 10th August 2021

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” Ward Round Live is an awesome course. I feel like I’ve learnt A LOT. The doctor we had on our course was a very nice lady and she was explaining some stuff multiple times if someone needed more explanation. I feel much better prepared for my interview with King’s now. ”

– Heather (student)

“I really liked how interactive the course is. My daughter was actually talking to the patient and the doctor quite a lot. Very impressive. Definitely worth the money.”

Eric (Parent)

“This is a second course by Medical Projects I attended. The first one – GP Live was very good and this one was perfect as well. I really like how they managed to recreate a real hospital ward in the studio. It feels like you are in an actual hospital. Gives you a great insight into how doctors in hospital work.”

– Joe (Student)

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