Ultimate MMI Course

Online medical interviews course for Medicine applicants

Full course fee: £129

Ultimate MMI Bundle: Buy the Ultimate MMI course and get 50% OFF your 1-to-1 interview session!

Expert Tip 1:

Show you know the latest in your subject area, and keep up to date with the news – they might ask to hear your views. Read blogs and articles, watch shows and listen to podcasts about Medicine and healthcare in general.

Expert Tip 2:

During your interview, don’t slouch, yawn or fold your arms – stay calm and alert, sit up straight and make eye contact. Your body language is almost as important as the things you talk about.

Master every interview question.

There are thousands of questions interviewers can ask you during your Medicine interview. However, these questions can be split into these 6 groups: Interest in Medicine (‘classic’ MMI questions), Communication skills, Empathy/Breaking bad news/Role play, Ethical dilemmas, Basic numeracy skills and Data interpretation.

During our Ultimate MMI Course, we dig deep into each group and talk about what the interviewers want to hear, how to sound original, what answers to avoid, and there will be opportunities to practice answering interview-style questions.

Join our Ultimate MMI Course and give yourself the best chance to jump over the last hurdle on your journey to medical school.

Impress the toughest Admissions Tutors

Practice every question type

During this course, you will learn how to answer every possible question type. You will also practice answering these questions.



100% Online

You don’t have to travel anywhere to attend this course. You only need a laptop or a phone and access to internet connection. It’s so easy!



Expert mentors

Our mentors are NHS doctors and exceptional current medical students. All of our mentors have experience with being both – interviewee and interviewer.



Ultimate MMI Course Timetable

This is a 6 hour long online course (including mini breaks and lunch break) that covers the following:

– 10:00 am – Welcome and introduction session with our Mentor

– 10:15 am – Preparing for the MMI

– 10:30 am – Station 1: Classic MMI questions

– 11:15 am – Mini Break

– 11:20 am – Station 2: Communication skills station

– 12:05 pm – Station 3: Empathy/breaking bad news/role play

– 12:50 pm – Lunch break

– 1:20 pm – Station 4: Ethical dilemmas

– 2:05 pm – Station 5: Basic numeracy skills

– 2:35 pm – Mini break

– 2:40 pm – Station 6: Data interpretation

– 3:25pm  – Wrap up and Q&A

– 4:00 pm – End of day



Why book Ultimate MMI Course?


Our Ultimate MMI Course will help you understand what admission officers want to hear from you and how to formulate your answers.

Here is what you can expect from your Ultimate MMI Course with Medical Projects:

– In-depth analysis of every question type

– Space for practising your answers

– Top tips from our amazing medical students and NHS doctors

– Roleplay scenarios breakdown and follow up discussions

Trusted by 1000’s of students, parents & teachers

Over the past six years we have helped thousands of aspiring medical students and worked with most of the top UK and international schools. Students, parents and teachers trust us when it comes to delivering the highest quality support for students. All our mentors, Doctors and medical students are selected due to their incredible teaching ability and passion for helping create the next generation of medical students and Doctors.  

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Mock MMI Fees & Dates

Course fee – £129 

Available dates:

– 5th December 2021


Ultimate MMI Bundle: Buy the Ultimate MMI course and get 50% OFF your 1-to-1 interview session!

What our students think…

“Perfect course for anyone who doesn’t really know where to start in terms of interview preparations. Now I know where my weaknesses are and what to practice more. Thanks Medical Projects!”

– Cristobal (student)

“I feel like during this course we talked about every single question that can come up in my interview.”

– Bolade (student)

“The Ultimate MMI Course was really good, Olivia explained everything in great detail. The role play station was my favourite, we watched a sample interview and then we were talking about what was good and what could have been better.”

– Amy (Student)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?

1. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

2. We will send you the link and password to join the course usually 3 days before your course start date.

3. Log in to the online platform around 10 minutes before the start time.

4. Your mentor will take it from here, enjoy the course!

5. We will send out a certificate of completion for your portfolio.

How many other students will be there?

Since we want to make sure every student gets the chance to speak to our mentors and ask any questions, we keep the groups small – always around 20 students per session.

Who is this course for?

This course is great for you if you are starting your interview preparations and also if you’ve already started revising and want to make sure you’ve covered all possible topics. We’ll cover all the basics as well as discussing difficult questions to help you master your interviews. 

Who will be the mentor?

Our interview mentors are Doctors or exceptional medical students. They have all been through medical school interviews and most have been part of interview panels or MMI teams for their medical schools.