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UK Hospital Work Experience

What is UK Hospital Work Experience?

Work experience is an essential part of the Medical School application, because it allows students to demonstrate a realistic insight into working life as a doctor in the NHS. Different universities have different requirements – but all are looking for applicants to have developed an understanding of medicine; alongside essential traits needed to make a successful doctor. This includes skills in teamwork, leadership, resilience, empathy and communication. 


Why is UK Hospital Experience Difficult to Get?

Many aspiring medical students struggle to find hospital work experience in the UK, unless they have family or friends who already work in the NHS. There are 300 NHS trusts in the UK, all of which have their own work experience entry requirements and policies. This can make the availability of work experience unpredictable. Even those who are successful in obtaining a work experience place directly with a hospital can often find themselves confined to administration work, where there is limited opportunity to gain a realistic understanding of medicine. Many hospitals are also discouraged from taking on work experience students due to the red tape involved, as well as a lack of understanding of what students wish to gain from their time in the hospital. 


How Can Medical Projects Help?

It is key that students come away from their work experience having gained an understanding of what it might be like to work as a doctor, and acquired the vital skills required to work in medicine successfully. Medical Projects have therefore developed UK based career insight courses with curriculums designed by working NHS Doctors. These courses allow students to take on the role of a doctor in a safe and controlled way, as they experience the highs and lows of being a Doctor working in a busy Emergency Room, while establishing the key competencies required for Medical School, and improving key interpersonal skills too.

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