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How Effective is the 2m Social Distancing Rule?

Author: Holly M. Fourth Year Medical StudentIntroduction: This is a short introductory article to social distancing. This is a very important topic at the moment, with much debate surrounding it. Policies are changing constantly, and new research is coming out all the...

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Preparing for UCAT During a Pandemic

Author: Holly M. Fourth Year Medical StudentDespite everything that is currently going on in the world, UCAT exams are going ahead. So if you’re planning on applying to medical school this year, it’s important that you do the test (after checking if your chosen...

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How to use the calculator efficiently in the UCAT exam

Author: Holly M. Fourth Year Medical StudentPreparation for the UCAT exam is key to success, and this is even true for small things, that may seem trivial, such as using the provided calculator in the UCAT exam. Time is of the essence in the UCAT exam and if you are...

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How will the NHS change following COVID-19?

Author: Holly M. Fourth Year Medical Student Undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic will have wide reaching implications and effects on our society as a whole, as well as direct effects on the NHS. Whilst I don’t know exactly how the NHS will change following this...

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Preparing for the UCAT

Author: Holly M. Fourth Year Medical Student"You can't prepare for the UCAT" - WRONG! The most important thing to know about the UCAT is that you CAN prepare for it. And it's important that you do! It is a common misconception that the UCAT test can’t be revised for,...

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The Virology of COVID-19

Author: Holly M. Third Year Medical StudentWhat is a virus? Viruses are the smallest type of microbe. They are much smaller than the cells found in our bodies. Unlike cells in our body, and bacterial cells, viruses are only able to replicate inside other organisms’...

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How will COVID-19 revolutionise healthcare?

Author: Edward S. Fourth Year Medical StudentCovid-19 has had drastic effects on the economy, healthcare, and education. It is a surreal yet defining moment in human history and will result in tragedy on a global scale. Our healthcare will need time to recover, and as...

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Top 20 Revision Tips During COVID-19

Author: Krsna M. Fourth Year Medical StudentSo, school has been shut, many assessments cancelled or on hold. Yet, some others continue online, or have been postponed to a later date. Whatever you’re revising for or will be revising for in future, if you need some...

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Q&A – Follow up questions from COVID-19 webinar

We received hundreds of questions during the webinar last week and even more by email afterwards - we just couldn't answer them all. But we collated some of the most popular questions and our Doctor kindly took the time to answer them for you.  If you missed the...

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How To Improve Your Medical School Application During COVID-19

4 minute readArticle Overview: Covid-19 is changing our everyday lives and now many of us are stuck inside for the foreseeable future. But there are still things that we can do to remain productive and grow professionally. The General Medical Council (GMC) suggest...

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