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Advice and guidance around applying to Medical School written by current medical students. 

Ultimate Guides for Students

Our Ultimate Guides for Students provide you with information and infographics around the most important subjects for students looking to get into Medical School. These high level guides provide an overview of each topic of interest, and are supported by the more specific articles catalogued below. To view the Ultimate Guides, click on the link below: 

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Applying To Medical School

The process of applying to medical school is challenging and takes a lot of planning and organisation. We have some great articles to help you map your medical school journey out and maximise every element of your application.



Number of Articles: 6

How To Become A Doctor

So, you want to be a Doctor? It’s a huge commitment and often a career that lots of students are not 100% clear on. We can look at some of the realities of being a Doctor and the career pathways open to someone who studies medicine. 



Number of Articles: 7

Hospital Work Experience

Hospital work experience is a critical element in the medical school application process. We explore this tricky area, including where to find hospital based work experience, how to make the most of your time and even what to wear.



Number of Articles: 12

Overseas Hospital Work Experience 

Overseas hospital work experience has become an increasing popular choice for students who can’t find great work experience in their own country. We look at how to find a reputable company and also how to make the most of your time in a foreign hospital. 



Number of Articles: 5

Medical School Interviews

The dreaded medical school interviews! These can often be one of the most feared elements of the medical school application process. Don’t worry, we have some handy guides and artices to make sure you walk into that room ready for the challenge ahead.



Number of Articles: 6


Another dreaded element of the medical school application process. Preparation is key so we have a set of resources that will guide you through the UCAT, BMAT or both.



Number of Articles: 6

Medical School Rejections

Did you know, most medical students don’t get in first time? Dealing with rejection can be a difficult time for any student, but we have some guides and articles to help you through this time. 



Number of Articles: 7

Medicine & Gap Years

Gap years have been increasing over the last few years and they have many benefits. We look at a few ideas and projects you could consider if you are planning on taking a year out before applying to medical school.



Number of Articles: 3

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