Expert Tip 1:

Most students struggle with the opening line of their personal statement. We recommend writing this after you have drafted your main content several times. It makes starting your personal statement much easier!

Expert Tip 2:

Avoid listing hospitals, Doctors, Consultants and procedures, these don’t impress Admissions Officers. Reflecting on your experiences is a much more effective use of your 4000 characters.

Unlock Your Full Personal Statement Potential.

Our Personal Statement Mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or exceptional Medical Students who have been through the process and now support  pre-medical applicants with their applications.

All our Personal Statement Mentors have been selected for their experience in assessing personal statements, working within the admission team of universities, or their experience as a Mentor, and providing advice for personal statements. 

They want to give you as much help as they can because they understand the pressure, and importance, of a great personal statement.

Why book your personal statement review?

Maximise your chance of getting an interview

Avoid some common personal statement pitfalls

Maximise your experiences and insights

Choose how many reviews you would like

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?
1. You will receive a booking confirmation and instructions on sending us your personal statement.

2. Once your allocated Mentor receives your personal statement, they have 2 weeks to return this to you by email with full comments and annotations.

3. If you have booked multiple reviews, you can adjust your personal statement in your own time, then resend this to us to repeat the process when you’re ready.

How many times will my personal statement be reviewed?
You can select either 1 or 3 reviews. If you are just starting your first draft then we recommend three reviews. If you are happy with your personal statement and want a final review, we recommend booking a single review.
How will I receive the reviewed personal statement?
After you have emailed your personal statement we will use Word annotate and note functions to make all notes and comments. You will receive detailed comments and notes on your personal statement ready for you to amend.
How long does it take?
A typical turnaround time for personal statements is 2 weeks. Please make sure you book your reviews in plenty of time before the UCAS submission date.
Will my Mentor write it for me?
No. Our mentors will not write your personal statement for you. Our mentors will advise and guide you on the best ways to maximise the experiences and insights you have but they cannot write it for you.
Should I book the course, a review, or get a mentor?

If you’re looking for someone to give you specific advice for your final draft of your personal statement, book the personal statement review options. 

If you’re just beginning your personal statement you should book three reviews.  If you are finishing up and would like some final advice before submission, book a single review. 

If you’re looking for ongoing advice about Personal Statements, as well as interviews, insight into what life is like as a Doctor and getting answers to other questions you may have then you should sign up for 1:1 mentorship.

What Do I Get From A Personal Statement Review?

Your personal statement must be personal to you and our Mentors will not write your personal statement for you. Our Mentors will provide you with a tried and tested structure and their professional advice and guidance about your personal statement. 

Our Mentors will help you avoid some common mistakes such as over-listing, poor phrasing and cliche lines. They will also help highlight key experiences that can be developed into deep reflective statements that demonstrate how you have successfully displayed the attributes universities are looking for.

Review Fees


Single review – £79

Three reviews – £199

To book, decide how many reviews you’d like to book then click the link to our booking form.

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“I am so glad I booked a personal statement review. I didn’t realise how many of the common mistakes I had made!”

– Ellen (student)

“THANK YOU!! My mentors was amazing and helped me communicate my skills and experiences fully. I recieved four offer for interview, so happy!”

– Sarah (student)

“I booked my son three personal statement reviews as he was really struggling to start it and I didn’t know how best to advise him. Very pleased with the service. Would recommend. “

– David (Parent)

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