Personal Statement Course

(Online for 2021)

Tackling Your Personal Statement.

How do I start my personal statement? How can I make myself stand out? Which experience should I use? Writing a personal statement is a challenging process for every single student, we are here to make it much easier!

Qualified Mentors

Our mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or medical students who have been through the process and are ready to help you perfect your personal statement.

Optimal Structure

With such a limited word count, it’s vital you make the most of every character. This starts with the optimal structure.  

Why Medicine?

One of the hardest parts of the entire medical school application process is communicating why you want to study medicine in such few words.

The First Line

Everyone dreads the first line. How can you make a great first impression in one line? It can make or break your personal statement.  


The difference between an average applicant and a great applicant is often how they reflect. Its an essential skill.

Questions & Answers

We always have dedicated time for questions and answers. Students have plenty of time with our Mentors.

Course Outline 

This course is a 4.5 hour (including lunch break) online course that covers the following: – Welcome and introduction session with our Mentor – What medical school Admissions Officers are looking for – Analysis of the personal statement structure – Mini break (You will need it!) – Analysing key qualities of a good medical student and doctor – How to evidence these key qualities in your personal statement – Frameworks for reflection (key in personal statements!) Mini break (You will need this one also!) – Frameworks to analyse your experiences, volunteering, extra-curricular activities and placements – Q&A time Please note: This course provides all the foundations for a great personal statement but does not include personal reviews of your personal statement. If you want personal 1-1 work on your personal statement please see our Personal Statement Reviews.   

Learning Objectives

We have five simple and effective learning outcomes for our Personal Statement Course: – Every student will understand what Admissions Officers are looking for in personal statements – Every student will understand the most effective way to structure their personal statement – Every student will understand the importance of reflection – Every student will have a framework for assessing their experiences ready to use in their personal statement – Every student will feel confident that they will be able to write a great personal statement

Our Mentors 

Our Mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or exceptional Medical Students who have been through the process and now want to help you gain a place at medical school. Our Mentors are rigorously selected for their experience with entrance exams, personal statements, work experience and interview training to ensure they can help maximise your medical school application.

Course Fees and Dates

This course is live and interactive, and currently being held online via Zoom. Each course has a maximum capacity of 25 students. Course Fee: £69 Course Dates: Saturday 10th July 2021 Saturday 14th August 2021          

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