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Overseas Hospital Work Experience

What is Overseas Hospital Work Experience? 

Overseas Hospital Work Experience gives students the opportunity to shadow Healthcare Professionals in new and different healthcare systems to that of the UK. Students spend a minimum of 25 hours a week in an observational hands-off experience in our partner hospitals. 

Our partner hospitals span many different types of healthcare providers, including government hospitals, health clinics, private hospitals, and even charity-funded hospitals. This gives students an insight into the unique challenges faced by medical staff in different environments, with varying levels of resources at their disposal. 

Alongside this, shadowing Doctors outside of the UK allows students to experience a range of medical conditions rarely seen in the UK, such as malaria, cholera, and TB. They also gain insight into the affect that the developing economy can have on the health of a population. 


Why is Overseas Hospital Work Experience Valuable?

Nearly 90% of UK Medical Schools require applicants to undertake some form of work experience, which can be very difficult to gain in NHS hospitals. Our overseas hospital partnerships allow students to shadow Doctors, Nurses, Midwives and Dentists across a number of different departments, giving students an overview of the possible future careers open to them in a hospital environment.

The hands-off nature of the course allows students to interact safely with patients, developing the empathy and communication skills vital to working life in healthcare. They also come away with a realistic understanding of the day to day duties of healthcare professionals, leaving them motivated and enthusiastic about their future studies.


Volunteering and Community Opportunities

 All of our students joining one of our Overseas Hospital Work Experience courses have the chance to take part in a day of community volunteering. It is important to Medical Projects that the local communities we work with benefit from our presence in the country. We therefore donate financially to local organisation, as well as helping with locally run community projects. This can be anything from working in animal conservation projects to English language teaching, or even visiting women’s projects working to help support women living with HIV. 


Supported Travel and Life Experience

Our destinations are specially chosen not only for the hospital shadowing experience they offer, but also because they are world-famous destinations for culture and travel. We aim to make sure that every students experiences the real local culture of our destinations, not just the famous tourist sites. All of our overseas projects employ local staff members who organise cultural excursions such as dance lessons, cooking classes, and wildlife safaris. They also conduct weekly language lessons so that students can communicate more easily with those around them. Students return home with an understanding of local culture, as well as those all important selfies for Instagram.


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Join us at our home in the town of Arusha, famously the starting point of both Mount Kilimanjaro climbs and Tanzania’s world-famous safari circuit. Spend time shadowing, visiting community projects, and even spot a lion or two on the weekend safari!


Based in the coastal city of Kochi in the southern Indian state of Kerala, you can obtain overseas hospital work experience in the Indian healthcare system while you explore this beautiful, historic city on the Southwest Coast.

Sri Lanka

Our Sri Lanka base is in the Southern city of Galle, on the Indian Ocean coast. With easy access to beautiful beaches, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city centre, it is the perfect base in which to gain hospital experience and soak up Sri Lankan culture.

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