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We believe that immersive educational experiences are key in engaging and empowering students to make informed decisions about their futures – and motivating them to work hard to achieve their ambitions. With extensive experience organising courses for over 10,000 students, our staff have the knowledge and expertise required to run innovative in-school courses which are hands-on, captivating and inspire students to aim high. 

We have a range of courses which can be delivered in schools, with a variety of options to suit each budget and interest. We can also tailor our current courses, or create a bespoke programme to suit an individual school’s needs. For further information regarding any of our in-school courses, please get in touch using the contact form below. 


A&E Live!

Location: In-school

Ages: 15+

Course length: Full day

Course fee: from £69 per student

Course description: Let us turn your school hall into A&E for the day! With this course, students get the chance to experience working life in an emergency room. Taking on the role of a doctor, students will diagnose and treat our patient – a high-tech simulation manikin – utilising their newfound medical knowledge. 

Student will also get to “scrub up for surgery” and learn from enthusiastic teachers on how to deal with a variety of medical emergencies. The course is ideal in helping students realise their academic potential, developing core personal skills and of course, they come away having saved a life – or two!

Careers In Healthcare

Location: In-school

Course length: Half day

Ages: 13+

Course fee: from £39 per student

Course description: Our Careers In Healthcare course is a great way to give useful and practical career insight to a group of students interested in medical careers or allied healthcare professions.

Delivered by healthcare professionals, we will guide students through the typical professional duties required for different roles, and the application process to get there. 

Clinical Skills Live!

Location: In-school

Ages: 13+

Course length: Half day

Course fee: from £49 per student

Course description: Our Clinical Skills Day gives students the chance to do some real hands-on work experience in a safe and controlled manner.

Students will look the part in scrubs and protective equipment, ready for that all important medical selfie for the school’s achievement board!

Moving between a number of clinical stations, students will also be taught a variety of clinical skills. Using the same simulated arms and other equipment used to teach medical students and qualified Doctors and nurses, we will teach students to insert cannulas, take blood and suture up wounds – plus much more! 

Bespoke Courses

If you feel our current courses aren’t suited to your school, but you have a group of students interested in careers related to medicine – or they would just like to experience what it might be like to work within a healthcare profession – please get in touch. 

We are always happy to work with schools to develop tailored courses. This is so we can ensure your students get the most out of their experience and leave our courses self aware and future-ready. 

Inspire A Medic!

Location: In-school

Ages: 13+

Course length: Half or Full day

Course fee: from £49 per student

Course description: Have a group of students interested in a variety of healthcare related professions? Our Healthcare Insight day combines informative teaching sessions, on the different roles within the hospital multi-disciplinary team, with some fun and explorative clinical skills sessions. 

We will also give students an insightful session on the possible careers available within the healthcare profession, as well as the routes they can follow to pursue their desired career, which will motivate them for their future studies. 

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