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Expert Tip 1:

Using the correct structure when taking a patient history such as using open ended questions helps draw out more information.  This helps build an initial diagnosis and also helps build a list of differential diagnoses.  

Expert Tip 2:

Once you have taken the patient history, relay a summary of what they have told you to confirm the details you have. This avoids misunderstandings and brings clarity to the appointment for both you and the patient.

Gain GP Experience.

Think you have what it takes to be a Doctor? Well, now you can actually become the GP.  You will take actual patient histories, form diagnoses, order tests & scans and suggest treatment plans. 

Our ground-breaking GP Live gives students the opportunity to host their own GP surgery, under the guidance of our Mentors. We have a bank of real medical cases and students will have patients to take patient histories from, and then discuss the assessment with other students and the Doctor. 


Unlike other courses that use pre-recorded videos, this course is LIVE and interactive. Students will talk directly to patients and have the full support of the group and our mentors to work through each case. After each case there is a full breakdown of the medical side as well as looking at communication and the role of a Doctor. Real experience, real medical cases and real insight. Better than shadowing a GP – You are the GP! 

Why join the GP Live course?

Real-world medical experience

Better than traditional shadowing placements

All online - Can be completed at home

Amazing for personal statements and interviews

Receive a certificate of completion for your portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?
1. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

2. We will send you the link and password for our online GP surgery.

3. Log in to the online platform around 10 minutes before the start time.

4. Our Mentors will take it from here, enjoy the course!

5. We will send out a certificate of completion for your portfolio.

How does it work online?
We have built a GP Surgery within a TV studio so you can access via our online platform. You will be on-screen so the Doctor and patients can see and hear you. You will be able to interact with everyone directly from your computer at home. You will need a working video and microphone on your computer or laptop.
Won't everyone doing this course have the same experience?
All the patient cases will be different on each course so every course is unique. And nearly half of the course is live interaction between the students, patients and doctors so it’s always unique. We don’t use pre-recorded videos, it’s all 100% live.
Does this count as work experience?
Yes, this is the same (we believe better) than traditional shadowing within a GP surgery. Universities are looking for students who can demonstrate insight and we believe full immersion and the interactive nature of this course provides much deeper insight than some forms of traditional shadowing.
Are they real patients?
All the medical cases are real and are delivered by medical actors. Every actor is prepped with an extensive medical history and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Experience – Better than traditional shadowing.

 Technology has accelerated “tele-medicine”, and it is the future of healthcare. Here at Medical Projects, we are ensuring we bring these evolutions in healthcare to our aspiring medical students.  

We have built our own GP Surgery within a live-streaming studio so we can conduct online consultations with our students. This course starts with our Doctors teaching students about primary healthcare before progressing to learning how to take a patient history. Students will then watch live demonstrations of typical patient cases. Students will be able to ask questions and discuss each medical case.


Students will then progress to talking directly to the patients themselves, taking full patient histories, forming diagnoses, ordering scans or tests and setting treatment plans. Our Doctors are on hand to help guide and support students through the entire process. There is no better experience and insight than full immersion into the role of GP. 


Course Timetable

This course runs from 10am until approximately 4:30pm. This is a highly interactive course and students will be required to have a working video and microphone for communication with the Doctors and patients.  

10:00am –  Welcome and introductions

10:15am – Technology orientation

10:30am – An introduction to life within a GP surgery

11:00am – How to take a patient history

11:30am – Practice patient history taking

12:00 noon – Examinations and tests within a GP setting

1:00pm – Lunch 

1:45pm – Live example of first patient case (Doctor led)

2:15pm – Debrief and discussion of patient case 1

2:30pm – Student led patient case 2

2:45pm – Debrief and discussion of patient case 2

3:00pm –  Student led patient case 3

3:15pm – Debrief and discussion of patient case 3

3:30pm – Student led patient case 4

3:45pm – Debrief and discussion of patient case 4

4:00pm – In-depth debrief and discussion. Open Q&A.

Book Your GP Live Space Today

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GP Live Dates and Fees


Course fee – £159

Course dates:  

– 19th September 2020

– 7th November 2020

– 5th December 2020



“AMAZING COURSE! I can’t believe we could actually talk to the patients and Doctors. It was even better than the GP shadowing I did. I will be booking another one soon!”

– Annie (student)

“Initialy I was concerns about how effective the online learning for  experence. The set up was fantastic and my Son learnt so much from the day. This is the future of healthcare”

– John (Parent)

“I booked this course for my daughter who has struggled to find any work experience. It was really well put together and really insightful. I was impressed how the students could actually interact with patient and Doctors. “

– Josie (Parent)

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