Digital Mentorship Programme

Support Until You’re In.

Applying to medical school can be a stressful and challenging process. With the right support and guidance this process is much easier. We have qualified Doctors ready to support and mentor you until you gain a place at medical school. For students in year 11, 12 or 13.

Qualified Mentors

Our mentors are qualified NHS Doctors who have been through the process and are ready to help you gain that place at medical school.

Monthly Meetings

The monthly meetings are hosted online and will keep you focused and on-track with your medical school application. 

Mentor Matching

Every student takes an advanced survey when they join. We use this data to match you with a Mentor that will be most effective for your mentorship. 

Our Network

Have a million questions? Our network of medical students from a wide range of medical school are ready to help.

UCAT + BMAT + Interviews

We run extra sessions on some of the most challenging elements of the medical school application process.


Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscriptions starting from just £19 per month. You are in complete control and can cancel anytime. 

Our Mentors 

Our Mentors are qualified NHS Doctors who have been through the process and now want to help you gain a place at medical school.

Our Mentors are rigorously selected for their experience with entrance exams, personal statements, work experience and interview training to ensure they can help maximise your medical school application.

Monthly Meetings

The monthly meetings are held online via Zoom.

Each meeting will focus on developing your medical school application to an outstanding level. Typical topics might include:

– Choosing the right medical schools for your UCAS application

– How to boost your UCAT score

– How to boost your BMAT score

– Reviewing sections of your personal statement

– Preparing for medical school interviews

– Finding work experience

– How to use your work experience effectively in the medical school application process 


Avoid Pitfalls + Boost Strengths

All our Mentors are qualified Doctors who have been selected because of their exceptional mentor abilities and passion for teaching. 

Having been through the process themselves, and having lots of experience helping students successfully gain places at medical school, our Mentors are perfectly placed to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls students can make.

Our Mentors will also be able to highlight strengths that will work to your advantage in the application process to make sure you stand out from the 1000s of medical school applicants. 



UCAT + BMAT + Interviews

Every 3 months we invite guest speakers and experts to run a workshop for all our Digital Mentorship Programme students. These workshops cover some of the most challenging elements of the medical school application process. Typical topics include:

– How can I master the UCAT?

– How can I master the BMAT?

– Personal statement masterclass

– Medical school interview masterclass


Our Network

You will have access to our network of medical students and Doctors. Through our private group you will be able to post questions anytime for the network to answer.

Whenever you have questions or challenges our network is there to support you.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription is designed to be flexible and affordable.

We hope that you will stay with your Mentor until you successfully gain a place at medical school, but you are in complete control and can cancel at any time. 


Trusted by Students, Parents & Teachers. 

Mentorship Options

* Course discounts valid after 3 continuous months of subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Mentors chosen?

All our Mentors are passionate NHS Doctors with teaching or mentor experience. All our Mentors are DBS checked and all digital meetings are recorded for safety but also so students can watch them back if requested, and work through any additional work set by the Mentor.

Who will my Mentor be?

All students take a questionnaire when they join the Digital Mentorship Programme which asks a set of questions to assess which medical schools and career pathways they are most interested in. We use this information to pair students with the most appropriate Mentor possible.

What is a ‘digital meeting’?

We host 1-1 meetings via an online platform called Zoom. This means you can connect with your Mentor from anywhere as long as you have a computer/laptop/phone and connection to the internet.

How does the monthly subscription work?

The monthly subscription takes your Mentorship fee on the same date each month until you cancel it. You are in complete control of your payments and you can cancel at any time. We hope you choose to stay with your Mentor until you successfully gain a place at medical school.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes – You have complete control and flexibility. You can cancel anytime you like and the mentorship programme will end. We really hope you will find your Mentorship challenging and rewarding and stay with us until you have got a place at medical school. To cancel email us at: info@educationprojects.co.uk.