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Bring A&E into your school with our most immersive learning experience yet. The most immersive medical work experience course available!

A&E Live is a hands-on experiential day that teaches students practical skills and provides genuine insight into careers in healthcare. Students will be thrown into live medical emergency situations in our simulated A&E space at your school and will have to work together as a team to save their patients’ lives! Guided with expert advice from our Medical Projects team, students will be diagnosing and treating medical emergencies such as: anaphylaxis, haemorrhages, compound fractures and mental health issues. As they progress throughout the day, students will learn to work effectively under pressure, adapt to change, practise resilience and work within a team to make key life-or-death decisions – with all of this leading up to the day’s grand finale: managing a full cardiac arrest situation. Impressive, right? Where else can students gain such amazing medical work experience?



This course is for students aged 15+ interested in the following careers:

  1. Doctor
  2. Nurse
  3. Dentist
  4. Midwife
  5. Physiotherapist
  6. Paramedic
  7. Any other Healthcare Professional in a hospital setting


Immersive learning experiences are a fantastic way for students to gain genuine career insight. Students who join this course leave more knowledgeable about pursuing their potential careers, motivated to work hard to achieve their ambitions and are able to make informed decisions about their futures. Here are some benefits of running a course at your school:


1. Students will work effectively in teams and develop leadership and communication skills

2. Students will develop confidence in making decisions under pressure.

3. Students will rapidly improve their problem solving skills when making diagnoses and treating patients 



1. Genuine career insight for students applying to a range of healthcare disciplines 

2. Students learn from inspirational Doctors and Healthcare professionals

3. Raise student aspirations through exciting and motivating courses



1. In-school courses are led by our professional and experienced team

2. Students leave our courses more focused and motivated to work hard

3. Large discounts for group bookings

4. All equipment provided by us


This course is a full-day course and will require a large space such as a sports hall or multiple classrooms.

9:00am – Introductions

9:15am – Scrubbing Up – Full personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical scrubs provided

9:30am – Infection Control – UV spotlight

10:00am – Taking a patient history

11:00am – Introduction to medical equipment

11:30am – Introduction to Hal (our simulated patient)

12:30pm – Patient assessment in an emergency situation (A-E)


1:30pm – Medical Emergency 1 (Anaphylaxis, road traffic accident, fractures, haemorrhages or mental health)

2:30pm – Medical Emergency 2 (Anaphylaxis, road traffic accident, fractures, haemorrhages or mental Health)

3:30pm – Medical Emergency 3 (Full cardiac arrest scenario)

4:15pm – Debrief with Q&A session



Course Fees: From £69 per student, based on 40 students.

To book the A&E Live! course at your school, please complete the form below. All courses are priced on a school-by-school basis as the price is determined by the number of students and location. A member of our Operations Team will then provide a course quote for you. 

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