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Single-Day Medical Courses

Why take part in a single-day course?

One of the key elements of Medical School applications is demonstrating a realistic insight into the world of medicine and working life as a Doctor. For students with limited time, this can be very difficult to do – especially given all of the red tape that surrounds work experience in the NHS. Our 1-Day courses are designed to help students with many different elements of medical school preparation, including a taster of clinical skills taught at Medical School, a clear understanding of the career path of a doctor, and how to make the most out of life experiences and discuss these on university applications and at interviews.


Where can I do a single-day course?

Our public courses for individuals take place in Central London, typically either in a hospital or in medical teaching facilities. We are also able to deliver private courses for groups at a venue of their choice across the UK, including in schools or colleges.


Courses related to single-day courses:

Application Preparation Day

Spend the day perfecting your Medical School application with expert guidance from our partner Doctors and Medical Students. Students take part in workshops which aim is to ensure students’ applications are as effective as possible. Students leave the course ready to make informed decisions about their university choices.  

Medic Insight Day

The Medic Insight day is the perfect taster of life working in the medical profession in a hospital setting. Follow a patient through their hospital journey learning about the vital role different members of hospital stay plan in patient care.

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