Helping Students Get into Medicine

Helping Students Get into Medicine

So, you want to be a Medical Student? We can help with that…

At Medical Projects, we understand how competitive and challenging it can be to gain a place at medical school. Along with excellent grades, there are lots of hoops to jump through including; entrance exams, tricky personal statements, interviews and much more…

You will also need to make sure you have great work experience and demonstrate insight into the life of a medical student and a Doctor. Don’t worry we can help with all of this.  

We support aspiring medical students every step of the way with a range of advice, guidance, webinars, articles and courses. Applying to medical school is made much easier and less stressful with Medical Projects.

How we can help:


Award-winning work experience


Full range of online, in-person and residential courses


Every element of your medical school application process


Expert Doctors and Medical Students


Dedicated support team

Free Support

Free Support For Aspiring Medical Students


Latest Articles

Articles written by medical students and Doctors to help you with your application

Live Webinars

We host live webinars where students can ask all the questions they like to help with their applications.

YouTube Videos

Hear from current medical students talk about their journey to medical school

12 Ultimate Guides

12 steps every aspiring medical student will go through on their way to medical school

Trusted By Students, Teachers & Parents

Since we started helping aspiring medical students back in 2014, we have become a trusted source of advice, guidance and courses. We supported thousands of students and delivered hundred of thousands of high quality teaching hours. 

We have also had the privilege to work with some of the world’s top schools and teachers. And parent’s from around the world trust us with every step of their son/daughter’s medical school application. 

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