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At Medical Projects, we understand how competitive and challenging it can be gaining exceptional medical work experience. Along with excellent grades, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd along the medical school application process which requires a clear understanding of why medicine is the career for you – this is where Medical Projects can assist.

We focus on delivering exceptional learning experiences, by bringing together passionate doctors in the most innovative teaching facilities around the world; to create memorable once in a life time experiences for students. We run hospital work experience courses in incredible locations such as London, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. We can also run our award-winning medical work experience courses in-school.  

Overall, our courses act as the catalyst for any passionate pre-medical students’ career, supplying them with an invaluable head start into the world of medicine and getting them one step closer to achieving their ambitions.

UK Medical Work Experience – London

Our UK Hospital Experience provides students with a realistic insight into working life at a busy emergency department. Using high-tech medical teaching technology, students will take on the role of a doctor, diagnosing and treating patients with a variety of emergency conditions. Alongside this, our application advice means students leave London with an understanding of why they’re passionate about pursuing a career in medicine and ready to apply to medical school.

Overseas Hospital Work Experience – Kilimanjaro

Join us in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania for 1-4 weeks and shadow doctors across a variety of hospital departments. Students spend time in one of our partner hospitals, watching surgeries, taking part in ward rounds, or attending outpatient clinics. Topped off with a day of community volunteering and local cultural experience, Kilimanjaro is a fantastic place to gain valuable career insight, while experiencing an incredible culture and observing how different hospitals operate overseas.

Overseas Hospital Work Experience – Sri Lanka

Based in the beautiful coastal city of Galle, students in Sri Lanka can spend anywhere from 1-4 weeks soaking up the amazing South Asian culture, while shadowing local doctors and healthcare staff in both our public and private partner hospitals. Students can then spend their free time relaxing on Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches or volunteering at our partner turtle sanctuary.

Medic Insight Day – London

The Medic Insight Day provides a snapshot of working life at a hospital for students interested in a career in healthcare. Follow our simulated patient on their journey through the hospital and learn some exciting hands-on clinical skills along the way. 

Application Preparation Day – London

When it comes to submitting university applications, it can be difficult to know how to make the most of school work, extra-curricular activities and work experience. This one day course will provide you with the framework needed to ensure your personal statement, experiences and interview answers stand out among an equally-gifted crowd.