Hospital Work Experience near me

Hospital Work Experience near me

Colette Tolley
2nd-year Medical Student at University of Oxford
June 10, 2021

How can I find hospital work experience near me?

Hospital work experience close to home is fantastic. It’s convenient, can easily fit in around school and studies and may be easier to organise due to local contacts. You may not investigate organising work experience further away. However, there are other types of hospital work experience you should consider to get enough work experience, such as online hospital work experience.

Hospital work experience near you can be split into hospital volunteering and hospital clinical shadowing – both very valuable to any application. Note: you need to be at least 16 years old to get work experience in most NHS Trusts.

When it comes to looking for work experience, check our ultimate guide for a full and detailed breakdown of every step of the process. This document below should help you understand where to look and who to ask when organising hospital-specific work experience.

Medical Work Experience Near Me – Summary

  •  Hospital Volunteering or Hospital Clinical Shadowing
  • Try NHS Trusts websites
  • Try Royal Voluntary Service
  • Try your personal contacts
  • Be professional
  • Try Online Hospital work experience
  • Medical Projects Summer School
  • Don’t be disheartened by rejections, keep trying!

How can I organise hospital volunteering locally?

Many NHS trusts run hospital volunteer programmes. West Suffolk Trust is one example, as a Trust they allow students to volunteer on hospital wards for two hours per week for blocks of 6 months at a time. Information on these schemes can be found on the website for your local hospitals but not all of them have this section on their websites.

The Royal Voluntary Service are another example of an organisation that can organise hospital volunteering, check their website to find schemes near you.

Ward Round Live

Virtual hospital work experience course for students aged 15+

GP Live

Live online GP work experience course for students aged 15+

Medical Summer School–London

Award-winning, 1-week long, in-person medical school preparation course

How can I organise shadowing locally?

Shadowing locally may be less challenging than you think if you’ve got a contact through school, friends or family to help connect you with the right healthcare professional. Alternatively, you can contact hospitals or Doctors directly via telephone, email or in person. Download this Medical Work Application Email Template and this Medical Work Application Call Template.

Unlike hospital volunteering schemes, there are no national networks like the Royal Volunteering Service.

Be professional

When contacting any trust, practice or business to organise work experience, it is a good idea to treat the application process similarly to a job application. If applying via email or post send a CV and cover letter explaining why you’d like the experience. It’s professional, shows commitment and will increase your chances of securing the placement.

If the hospital is easy for you to get to, go in and speak to the front desk. They may be able to give you some advice on who to talk to. Take a CV to drop off if there’s someone they can pass it onto.

Online hospital work experience

For a lot of students, it’s very difficult to arrange a hospital work experience. The good news is that you can get medical work experience online as well which makes it much easier. You still get to speak to patients and NHS doctors so it’s as valuable as in-person experience. The only difference is that online work experience is much easier to get.

Have a look at the video below to see what online hospital work experience is about. 

Medical Projects Summer School

At Medical Projects we offer a lot of different medical work experience courses. One of our most popular courses is our Work Experience course in London. During this course you will spend 3 days in one of London’s best hospitals and you will get all the experience you need for your Medicine application. Have a look here.

Rejections when organising work experience

Rejections when organising work experience can be frustrating, don’t give up. It’s important to be persistent and try multiple different avenues. It demonstrates determination and commitment to learning about a career in Medicine!


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