Student Welfare

Our Number One Priority.

We understand that for many of our students travelling away from home can be a nerve-wracking experience but rest assured, we take every possible precaution to ensure that students are safe, secure and healthy during their time with us.

Experienced Teams

We maintain a staff to student ratio of no more than 1:8 during courses, so that students always have a selection of staff members to rely on in the unlikely case of any problems. All of our UK based staff are DBS checked, and our in-country staff members all undergo background checks at the local equivalent level. We also ensure that a minimum of one staff member per course is first aid trained and carries a first aid kit with them at all times. During all courses, at least one member of our UK head office team is present to ensure everything is in keeping with our rigorous standards. We also have at least one local staff member on our team at all of our courses (usually many more than one!) to provide local knowledge, cultural insight, and local language translation where required. 

24 Hour Contact

Students, parents, and teachers accompanying school trips, are all supplied with emergency contact cards as part of our student welcome pack. The contact cards contain our emergency phone numbers which are answered 24 hours a day by Education Projects staff. This ensures a quick response in the unlikely event of an emergency and provides peace of mind to parents, students and teachers alike. 

Our Accommodation

We provide private accommodation for all of our residential students, either renting an entire property or booking private rooms in hotels and hostels depending on the chosen destination. Our staff stay in the same accommodation as students to ensure they are available at all times if required. Where needed – or culturally appropriate – we also choose properties with walled compounds or night time staff on duty after dark, for added peace of mind.  

Monitoring Our Destinations

Our UK head office staff are in contact with our local and overseas teams on a regular basis to ensure that they are aware of any changes to local safety or security conditions. We also closely monitor official government advice for all of our destinations, as well as undertaking detailed risk assessments of all of our destinations – which are checked and updated regularly. These risk assessments are available upon request. You can find the official UK Government travel advice for all of our destinations.