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15+ years old

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1 or 2 weeks


London, UK


Our Engineering course is for the designers, innovators, and pioneering engineers of the future. A mixture of fundamental academics and practical skills, this course is ideal for students looking to study a wide range of engineering subjects at university. 

Students will spend at least 20 hours per week in challenging academic seminars and lectures within some of the world’s best universities. With world-class teachers and tutors, students will cover key topics such as; mathematical modelling, civil engineering, problem solving with engineering, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. 

All modules are designed to bridge the gap between school/college and undergraduate level, and are designed to inspire and challenge students. This course is open to UK and international students.  

On this page:

– Overview

– Academic Modules

– Typical Timetable

– Top-ranked Universities

– Course Benefits

– Student Certificates

– Dates & Fees

Academic Modules

Our courses deliver academic content that is designed to challenge and provoke intellectual curiosity among students. Our passionate and experienced tutors will guide students through some key principles and topics. Students will be supported and guided through interesting topics such as:

Module 1 – Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical modelling bridges the gap between the theoretical mathematical world and the real world. An idea can be turned into a hypothesis, tested with mathematics, converted into 3D modelling computer aided designed and finally brought to life. Engineering brings mathematics to life.  

Module 2 – Civil Engineering

Civil engineering underpins the world as we know it. Cities, infrastructures, transport, communications are all civil engineering projects that require the sharpest minds. Students will explore how civil engineering impacts everything from a train station to national energy projects. 

Module 3 – Engineering and Sustainability 

The impact of humans on this planet has been immense and the global population continues to grow. Analysing global sustainability from an engineering prospective is a challenging and inspiring topic.

Module 4 – Innovation Engineering

How can engineering help solve the climate change crisis? How can engineering solve plastic pollution? Using innovation frameworks students will join forces to develop ideas to try and solve some of the world’s largest problems. 

Module 5 – Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Do you know what the first law of thermodynamics is? We will explore the highly scientific areas of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics that underpin so much of the world we live in. 

Module 6 – Engineering Management

Large scale engineering projects require exceptional management skills. Exploring management principles, budgets and project management skills are vital for engineers of the future. 

Tutors’ topics may vary slightly depending on their area of study and industry expertise, but all topics will be consistent with current top-ranked university curriculums. 

Course Benefits

1. Join an award-winning academic and immersive course

2. Study inspirational and challenging topics

3. Learn from passionate and expert tutors

4. Experience a real student experience in London

5. Supported by our dedicated mentors and student support teams

6. Experience world-class universities and campuses

7. Gain your personal certificate of completion

8. Meet like-minded students from around the world and make friends for life!

Student Certificates

Students will leave us with newfound academic insights and confidence, as well as an Education Projects Group certificate to add to their academic portfolio. We can also write an individual reference letter upon request. 

Top-ranked Universities

A key part of an Education Projects Group course is studying in world-class universities. Our students study in leading universities teaching rooms and facilities and we also hire the most passionate tutors, mentors and current university students to teach and support our students.  

King’s College London

Founded in 1829, King’s College London has long been a leading UK institution with a world-class reputation. 

University College London

Founded in 1826, UCL is located in the heart of London and is home to over 42,000 students across a broad range of academic disciplines.

Imperial College London

Founded in 1907, Imperial is ranked in the top 10 universities in the world. A truly world-class institution that has produced 14 Nobel Laureates over the decades.

Course Dates

Due to the continually changing nature of COVID-19 we are placing bookings for this course on hold. Please contact us to discuss dates and how to book.


Course Fees

1 week – £1695

2 weeks – £3390

The course fee is paid in two parts, a £500 deposit is taken at time of booking, and the remaining balance is paid 90 days before your course start date.


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Step 1: Choose your course start date

Step 2: Complete our online application form

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