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Autumn Irving-Carr


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Article Overview:

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the impact it is having on our lives, it is understandable that many of you will be concerned about how your education, examinations and university applications will be affected. We have used official sources to provide updates and answer some of your questions.

Please note: The information provided is up to date at the time of posting, however, the COVID-19 situation is changing at a rapid rate, so it is always worth checking official sources.

GCSE’s and A-Levels:

Government update week commencing 16th March 2020:

In England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the government have announced the closure of schools and the cancellation of exams and assignments due to take place in the May/June period. 


Ofqual (exam regulator) have been requested by the UK Government to create a process for calculated A-Level grades. The grades will be based on:

• Your teacher’s honest judgement

• Previous GCSE and mock results

• Non-exam assessments such as coursework

• Predicted grades for the cancelled exams

The government aim to release calculated grades by the end of July. There will be an opportunity to re-sit the exams later in the year if you are unhappy with the result. 

2020/2021 Entry: 

Work experience:

Many GP’s, hospitals and clinics are cancelling placements due to COVID-19. It is important to stay calm during these uncertain times, as safe alternatives will be announced in due course. 

University offers:

Government update week commencing 23rd March 2020.

Universities have been asked by the University Minister not to change the offers made to students for the next two weeks. This includes changing conditional offers to unconditional offers and changing any entry requirements. 


Each medical school is dealing with this differently, some medical schools are postponing their interviews until later in the year. For clarity, it is best to contact the university admissions teams where you are applying. 

Open Days:

Many open days will need to be postponed; each university will be able to provide updates on their website.


UCAS update week commencing 23rd March 2020.

In light of the cancellation of exams and assignments, UCAS are committed to ensuring “that your hard work to date will not go to waste and that no-one is unfairly impacted in this process by the COVID-19 virus.”

To adapt to the current situation, “all organisations involved in the higher education admissions process are working flat out to find a solution that’s efficient, fair and in your best interests.”


UCAT update 23rd March 2020.

UCAT have announced that they “fully expect testing to go ahead in 2020.” It may be that the timeline will change, with registration and booking opening later and testing starting later in the year.


BMAT update week commencing 23rd March 2020. 

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing has announced they do not expect COVID-19 to affect the BMAT September or November sittings.

This situation has probably led to a significant disruption to your education and personal life; however, your health and well being is always the top priority  so please continue to stay safe and look after each other.