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Virtual work experience course for students aged 15+


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Complete Medical School Preparation Online


Complete Medical School Preparation Online


Gain Medical Work Experience

Master The UCAT & BMAT

Prepare for Medical School Interviews

Perfect Your Personal Statement

 Who Is This Course For?

This course is for students aged 15+ who want to gain a place in medical school or are considering if Medicine is the career for them

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for students aged 15+ who want to gain a place in medical school or are considering if medicine is the career for them

70% of students who join this course are from the UK. The other 30% are international students

92% of students who join this course are 17-19 years old

80% of our students are first-time applicants and 20% are re-applicants

Included In This Course

Complete Online Medical School Preparation


Included in This Course

Complete Online Medical School Preparation


Gain Medical Work Experience

We have our own GP Surgery and Hospital Ward where we can live-stream medical cases, students can speak directly to patients, take patient histories, lead ward rounds and discuss cases with our NHS Doctors. We use the same amazing technology as on our GP Live and Ward Round Live course. Students on the Virtual Work Experience Week gain three days using the patient streaming technology, which is the most on any of our online courses.

UCAT & BMAT Workshops

A key part of the medical application process is the entrance examinations. The UCAT and BMAT are one of the first hurdles students must navigate and there is a lot of pressure to score highly. Our Mentors will teach you tried and tested strategies for maximising your scores in these important exams.

Master Medicine Interviews

Congratulations! You have made it to the interview stage and now you need to know how to smash your medical school interviews. Our experienced Mentors have all taken part in medical school interviews and keep up-to-date with current interview questions. Learn how to tackle the most common questions, medical ethics, role-plays, data interpretation and much more.


Clinical Skills Sessions

Get hands-on clinical skills experience which will give you a head start for your first year of medical school. We send all students a clinical skills pack in the post before the course and you will learn how to suture like a surgeon with our suture masterclass. We will also teach you how to interpret key scans such as ECGs, X-rays and CT scans.

Perfect Your Personal Statement

It can be hard trying to communicate your passion for medicine in 4000 characters. Our Mentors will teach you how to structure your personal statement and how to communicate all your skills and experience effectively.

NHS Doctors

Our Doctors are all practicing NHS Doctors who have a passion for helping the next generation of students fulfil their dream of becoming Doctors. We build extra time into all our sessions and days where students can spend time talking to our Doctors to ask about their experiences and help with individual applications.

Medical Students

Medical school is typically a 5-6 year commitment so its important you understand what life at medical school and university will be like. We have current medical students on the course to talk about their real life experiences at medical school and also to help answer all those questions you may have.

Course Timetable

Our days all begin at 10am and will finish between 3pm and 4pm (UK time) – Monday to Friday.


Course Timetable

Our days all begin at 10am and will finish between 3pm and 4pm (UK time) – Monday to Friday.

Day 1 - Monday

Monday is full of medical work experience. We’ll start with one NHS doctor-led patient scenario, talk about what PBL is, and dig deep into reflection and why this is one of the most important skills you need to learn before applying to medical school.

• Introduction to the Medical Projects Virtual Course Week

• Patient history taking Live from our teaching studio

• LIVE GP Example scenarios from our GP set

• PBL topic introduction and explanation

• How to reflect correctly and how to utilise your reflections

Day 2 - Tuesday

On Tuesday, you will learn how to master the skill of suturing. You will practice suturing on your own equipment that we post out to you before the start of the course. In the afternoon, we will talk about X-Rays, and then we will fully immerse ourselves in teaching about Medicine interviews.

• Hands-on Suturing Clinical Skills Session – Live demonstration and practical using your own equipment posted in advance of the session

• Selecting a Medical School discussion

• Reading and interpreting X-rays

• Medical School Interviews – advice and insight

• How to reflect correctly and how to utilise your reflections

Day 3 - Wednesday

We’ll start Wednesday by talking about what is it like to be a medical student. After lunch, you will take part in multiple patient scenarios and will get even more medical work experience to boost your Medicine application.

• Life as a Medical Student insight webinar with current UK Medical Students

• Life and Pathway of a Doctor webinar with our NHS Doctor

• Multiple Student-led LIVE GP Scenarios where students use their skills they’ve learnt so far to take a history and lead the assessment of the patient

• PBL Check in to ensure everyone is happy with their intended learning outcomes

Day 4 - Thursday

Thursday morning is focused on mental health, examining one’s mental state, and taking care of your own mental health during medical school. In the afternoon, we tackle the admission exams; UCAT and BMAT.

• How to take a Mental State Examination, their importance and why we perform an examination like this

• Taking care of your own Mental Health and why this is important

• Introduction to Entrance Examinations including the UCAT and BMAT

• Personal Statements overview – how to structure your personal statement and what universities are looking for

• Medicine quiz – a fun, general knowledge medicine quiz

Day 5 - Friday

We finish off the course on Friday by sharpening up your communication skills with PBL presentations and then we do the most advanced patient scenarios where you will have to use all the knowledge you gathered over to week.

• PBL presentations – presenting your selected ILO to other students and teaching them your topic

• Wide variety of LIVE GP scenarios where students lead the assessment and use all of their knowledge from the week to diagnose each patient with their groups

What our student think

Recommended by 99.3% of students


What our students think

Recommended by 99.3% of students


“AMAZING COURSE! I can’t believe we could actually talk to the patients and Doctors. It was even better than the GP shadowing I did. I will be booking another one soon!” 

– Annie (student)

“Initially I was concerned about how effective the online learning for  experience. The set up was fantastic and my Son learnt so much from the day. This is the future of healthcare” 

– John (Parent)

“I booked this course for my daughter who has struggled to find any work experience. It was really well put together and really insightful. I was impressed by how the students could actually interact with patient and Doctors. ” 

– Josie (Parent)

Dates & Fees

Spaces are limited to 18 students per course to ensure maximum engagement


Dates and Prices

Spaces are limited to 18 students per course to ensure maximum engagement


Course Fees

The total price of this course is £700

Current sale price: £595

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Course Dates

– 13th February – 19th February 2022

– 3rd April – 9th April 2022

– 10th April – 16th April 2022

– 10th July – 16th July 2022

– 31st July – 6th August 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?

1. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

2. One week before your start date we will email you additional worksheets that you will need for the course.

3. Three days before your course start date, we will email you the link and joining instructions.

4. Log in to the online platform around 10 minutes before the start time.

5. Our Doctors will take it from here, enjoy the course!

6. We will send out a certificate of completion for your portfolio.

Are they real patients?

All the medical cases are real conditions, and the observations and examination results students are given are medically accurate. Our patient cases are delivered by medical actors who are prepped with an extensive medical history and will be able to answer any questions you have.

How does it work online?

We have built a GP Surgery within a TV studio so you join us via our online platform. You will be on-screen so the Doctor and patients can see and hear you in real time. You will be able to interact with everyone directly from your computer at home. You will need a working video and microphone on your computer or laptop.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the course?

No, you don’t need to learn or revise anything in advance, everything you need to know to take part in the week is included in the teaching sessions.

What’s the difference between this course and GP Live?

If you are looking for a single days work experience where you can interact with patients and learn from our Doctors – then the GP Live course is for your. If you are looking for 3 days on work experience as well as comprehensive application advice & guidance then the Virtual Work Experience Week is for you.