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Maximise Your UCAT Score

Maximise Your UCAT Score

Learn How To Manage Your Time Effectively

Master Every UCAT Section

Improve Your Weknesses

Learn How To Maximise Your Potential 

 Who Is This Course For?

This course is for students who want to reach the top percentiles on the UCAT exam


Who Is This Course For?

This course is for students who want to reach the top percentiles on the UCAT exam


65% of students who join this course are from the UK. The other 35% are international students

96% of students who join this course are 17-20 years old

70% of our students are first-time applicants and 30% are re-applicants

Included In This Course

Get ready to smash your UCAT exam


Included in This Course

Get ready to smash your UCAT exam


Feel Ready To Ace the UCAT

This course will make you feel confident and ready to take your UCAT exam. We will go through all the sections and cover all the strategies that will enable you to ace the UCAT exam.



Manage Your Time Effectively

One of the most important skills you need to score well on the UCAT is time management. In our UCAT masterclass course, we’ll show you multiple time management techniques, so you have the option to use the one that fits you the best.

Gain an In-Depth Understanding

On the UCAT Masterclass course, we don’t just scratch the surface. We dig deep into every section of the UCAT, so you know exactly what each section is about and what skill you need to practice to complete each section.


Master Role-play Questions

During this course, we dig deep into the most feared MMI station of all – breaking bad news and role-plays. You will watch and analyse role-play scenarios, discuss what went well and how the answers could be improved. You will have the knowledge to master any role-play MMI station.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential when it comes to Medicine interviews. During this course, you will learn how to sound professional, speak with confidence, and deal with stressful situations calmly and appropriately.

Perfect Data Interpretation

Data interpretation questions have become more popular over the past few years and they can throw some medical school applicants if they are not prepared. We will show you examples of real data interpretation questions and walk you through how to analyse and present findings.

Taught By Experienced Mentors

Our mentors are Doctors and exceptional medical students who have extensive experience in medical school interviews and teaching medical school applicants. We also provide open Q&A at the end of each course so you can ask specific questions about your medical school interviews.

Course Timetable

This course is an intensive, live, interactive one-day course from 10am until approximately 4pm (including breaks) and covers the following:

10:00 am – Introduction to the UCAT

10:15 am – Verbal Reasoning section

11:15 am – Mini-break

11:30 pm – Decision-Making section

12:15 pm – Abstract Reasoning section

1:00 pm – Break for lunch

1:30 pm – Quantitative Reasoning section

2:15 pm – Situational Judgement section

3:00 pm – Mini break

3:15 pm– Effective time management strategies

3:45 pm – Q&A with the Mentors 

4:00 pm – End of day

Learning Objectives

We have four simple and effective learning outcomes for our UCAT Masterclass:

– Every student will have an in-depth understanding of each section within the UCAT

– Every student will develop a range of methods and techniques to master each section

– Every student will have an effective time management strategy for the UCAT

– Every student will feel confident and ready to tackle the UCAT

Our Mentors

Our Mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or exceptional medical students who have been through the process and now want to help you smash your UCAT score. Our Mentors are rigorously selected for their teaching ability and they all also scored very highly on the UCAT.

Book your space today

This is a live and interactive course held online via Zoom. Each course has a maximum capacity of 25 students. The courses run from 10am until approximately 4pm. Spaces on our UCAT Courses fill quickly so we recommend booking in advance!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Course Fees and Dates

Course fee – £159

Course dates:

Saturday 7th August 2021

Wednesday 18th August 2021

Saturday 28th August 2021 – FULL

UCAT Masterclass dates for 2022 will be released in early 2022.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

What our students think…

“After this course I feel really confident I can score good points on UCAT. This course helped me to understand UCAT in depth and I can jus revise and revise in my free time now and I know exactly what I need to revise and practice”

– Elain (student)

“Very happy with this course. I think my son got a comprehensive understanding of what he needs to do to do well on UCAT so I’m very positive about this.”

– Olo (Parent)

“Exactly what I wanted. A very intense UCAT course that goes in depth. They told me some very useful tricks and tips which I will be able to apply during my test”

– Hasan (Student)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?

1. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

2. We will send you the link and password for our online learning platform a few days before your course start date.

3. Log in to the online platform around 10 minutes before the start time.

4. Our Mentors will take it from here, enjoy the course!

What’s the difference between the Crash Course and the Masterclass?

The Crash Course is for students at the start of their UCAT journey. The Crash Course provides the foundation for a great UCAT score. The Masterclass is for student who have been working on the UCAT but now need to take their score to the next level. Students who have plateaued with their scores and are not sure how to improve it will likely need the Masterclass. 

How does it work online?

We use Zoom’s education platform as our mentors will use a combination of screen-sharing, annotations and whiteboard tools. Students will be presented questions and polls will be taken to assess each students performance. Our mentors will then work through areas and questions where students need more work. It’s fully live and interactive so students will require a working video and microphone. 

Who will my mentor be?

Your mentor will be one of our trusted and tested Doctors or Medical Students who have achieved an exceptional UCAT score. We pride ourselves on using the most passionate, dedicated and engaging mentors for all our courses. 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.