UCAT Crash Course

Live and interactive UCAT teaching from expert mentors

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Expert tip 1:

Book your test as soon as possible. The dates usually go very quickly and if you wait for too long, you may have to go with a date that is very inconvenient to you.

Expert tip 2:

Don’t waste your time on questions that you can’t figure out. All the questions are worth the same amount of points so it doesn’t make sense to waste your time on 1 question if you can answer 3 other questions in the same time.

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Boost Your UCAT Score.

Most students fail to reach their full UCAT potential, even after completing 1000s of online questions and tests. Why? Because they aren’t tackling the UCAT strategically enough. Our experienced Mentors will take you through each section step-by-step and actually teach you how to maximise your UCAT score.

The tricky time limits are usually the main issue for students. Our Mentors will take you through some effective time management strategies to make sure you don’t leave questions unanswered. Learning these tested time management strategies will allow you to sprint through each section efficiently and accurately.

Some students can use online UCAT questions banks or pre-recorded courses and achieve the results they want. This course is for students who want real feedback from real mentors. Question banks and pre-recorded videos cant explain where you personally need support, this courses will do that for you.

UCAT Best Practice from UCAT Experts

Strategic Revision

Our Mentors will teach you how to structure your UCAT revision strategically to track and actually improve your scores consistently.

Expert Mentors

Our Mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or exceptional medical students who have been through the process and scored very highly on the UCAT.

Timed Practice Questions

There will be lots of practice questions. We use the latest versions of top UCAT practice questions to ensure they are as up-to-date as possible.

Course Timetable

This course is a full day course from 10am – 4pm that looks at strategies for each section as well as timed, assessed and analysed questions.

Please see the timetable below:


10:00 am – Welcome and introductions with our Mentors

10:15 am – Effective revision strategies

11:00 am – Effective score tracking to ensure score improvements

11:45 am – Verbal reasoning section

12:30 pm – Lunch break (You will need it!)

1:00 pm – Quantitative reasoning section

1:45 pm – Abstract reasoning section

2:15 pm – Decision-making section

2:45 pm – Mini-break (You will need this one also!)

3:00 pm – Situational judgement testing section

3:45 pm – Q&A time

4:00 pm – End of day

Learning Objectives

We have four simple and effective learning outcomes for our UCAT Crash Course:

– Every student will understand how to structure their UCAT revision to ensure progressive score improvement

– Every student will have an in-depth knowledge of each UCAT section

– Every student will understand the importance of time management

– Every student will feel confident they understand how to improve their UCAT score consistently

Our Mentors

Our Mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or exceptional medical students who have been through the process and now want to help you smash your UCAT score. Our Mentors are rigorously selected for their teaching ability and they all also scored very highly on the UCAT.

Book your space today

This is a live and interactive course held online via Zoom. Each course has a maximum capacity of 24 students. The courses run from 10 am until approximately 4 pm. Spaces on our UCAT Courses fill quickly so we recommend booking in advance!

Course Fees and Dates

Course fee – £129

Course dates:  

Saturday 26th June 2021

Tuesday 6th July 2021  

Wednesday 7th July 2021 ***FULL***

Saturday 31st July 2021  

Sunday 8th August 2021  

Tuesday 17th August 2021  


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

What our students think…

“I’m really glad I decided to do this course it was great I was so scared of the UCAT test before but now I feel much more confident. ”

– Rosie (Student)

“I didn’t know how to prepare for the UCAT test since it’s so comprehensive. This helped me a lot and I know what my weaknesses are so I can focus more on those. Happy to recommend this course to other students! ”

– Hans (Student)

“Honestly the best UCAT Crash Course I tried. There is a lot of companies that do these and I tried 4 already but this one was by far the best. The mentors are so nice and so understanding. They understand the pressure and stress you are going through and want to help you”

– Similoluwa (Student)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?

1. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

2. We will send you the link and password for our online learning platform 3 days before your course.

3. Log in to the online platform around 10 minutes before the start time.

4. Our Mentors will take it from here, enjoy the course and watch your scores rocket!

What’s the difference between this course and online question banks?

Online question banks are a great tool but where they fall short is when students don’t understand why they are getting questions wrong. Often we need someone to help explain where we are going wrong so we can learn to answer questions correctly in the future. Our live and interactive course does just that. A combination of teaching, practice examples and feedback means students will be much better prepared. 

How does it work online?

We use Zoom’s education platform as our mentors will use a combination of screen-sharing, annotations and whiteboard tools. Students will be presented questions and polls will be taken to assess each students performance. Our mentors will then work through areas and questions where students need more work. Its fully live and interactive so students will require a working video and microphone. 

Who will my mentor be?

Your mentor will be one of our vetted and tested Doctors or Medical Students who have achieved an exceptional UCAT score. We pride ourselves on using the most passionate, dedicated and engaging mentors for all our courses. 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.