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Personalised 1-1 feedback and review of your medical school personal statement


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Unlock Your Personal Statement Potential


Unlock Your Personal Statement Potential


Reviewed by Expert NHS Doctors

Perfect Personal Statement Structure

Analyse Your Skills and Experience

Communicate Your Passion Effectively

 Who Is This Course For?

This course is for students who are applying to UK medical schools

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for students who are applying to UK medical schools

100% of students who join this course are from the UK.

92% of students who join this course are 17-19 years old

80% of our students are first-time applicants and 20% are re-applicants

Included In Your Personal Statement Reviews

Receive personalised feedback and comments in a word document


Included In Your Personal Statement Reviews

Receive personalised feedback and comments in a word document


Reviewed by Expert Mentors

Our reviews are completed by our expert NHS Doctors. Our mentors were chosen because of their previous experience with reviewing personal statements on behalf of medical school and helping students write outstanding personal statements.

Avoid Common Mistakes

There are a number of common mistakes students make when writing their personal statements. These often include poor structure, poor reflection and cliche comments. Our mentors will highlight these to ensure you can make alterations and avoid these common mistakes.

Reflecting Correctly

Most students’ personal statements are overly descriptive and lack good quality reflection. This is often a result of “experience stuffing” or “listing” – which is when students believe adding lots of experiences will impress the Admissions Officers. In reality Admissions Officers are looking for a few key examples with deeper levels of reflection.

Analysing Key Experiences

It can be difficult to decide which experiences and achievements to include in your personal statement. Our mentors will help you to choose only those that add the most value to your personal statement and will help you draw attention and reflect correctly on these key experiences.

Strike The Right Balance

You only get one chance to make a great impression with your personal statement, so it’s important you strike the right balance of professionalism and personal character. Our mentors will analyse your language, examples and tone to ensure you find this tricky balance.


Thinking Ahead

Some medical schools will use your personal statement at the interview stage. Having a strong personal statement will not only help you gain an interview it will act as a strength at the interview stage as well. Make sure you are confident in your personal statement by having it reviewed by our expert mentors.

What our students think

Recommended by 99.3% of students


What our students think

Recommended by 99.3% of students


“I am so glad I booked a personal statement review. I didn’t realise how many of the common mistakes I had made!”

– Ellen (student)

“THANK YOU!! My mentors was amazing and helped me communicate my skills and experiences fully. I recieved four offer for interview, so happy!”

– Sarah (student)

“I booked my son three personal statement reviews as he was really struggling to start it and I didn’t know how best to advise him. Very pleased with the service. Would recommend. ”

– David (Parent)

Dates & Fees


Dates and Prices


Personal Statement Review Fees

Please see below for our personal statement review fees.

Single review – £79

Three reviews – £199


Turnaround Time

After booking your review(s) you will receive a confirmation email and details on how to upload your draft personal statement. Typical turnaround time for a personal statement review is one week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?
  1. You will receive a booking confirmation and instructions on sending us your personal statement.
  2. Once your allocated Mentor receives your personal statement, they have one week to return this to you by email with full comments and annotations.
  3. If you have booked multiple reviews, you can adjust your personal statement in your own time, then resend this to us to repeat the process when you’re ready.
How many times will my personal statement be reviewed?

You can select either 1 or 3 reviews. If you are just starting your first draft then we recommend three reviews. If you are happy with your personal statement and want a final review, we recommend booking a single review.

Will my Mentor write it for me?

No. Our mentors will not write your personal statement for you. Our mentors will advise and guide you on the best ways to maximise the experiences and insights you have but they cannot write it for you.

How will I receive the reviewed personal statement?

After you have emailed your personal statement we will use Word annotate and note functions to make all notes and comments. You will receive detailed comments and notes on your personal statement ready for you to amend.

How long does it take?

A typical turnaround time for personal statements is 1 week. Please make sure you book your reviews in plenty of time before the UCAS submission date.