Medical School Personal Statement Course

Online one-day course focused on developing personal statements for medical school

Full course fee: £129


Expert Tip 1:

We recommend starting your personal statement 2-3 months before the October 15th deadline. This doesn’t mean you need to start writing it this early but it does mean you need to start the preparation, which will make the writing process much easier. 

Expert Tip 2:

Don’t be tempted to copy a friend’s or online personal statement. UCAS run all personal statements through a plagiarism checker and if there is more than a 10% match, it will be flagged to your universities. Don’t take the chance with something this important.
Tackling Your Personal Statement.

How do I start my personal statement? How can I make myself stand out? Which experiences should I use?

Writing a personal statement is a challenging process for every single student, we are here to make it much easier!

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about writing a personal statement. You’ll learn how to structure your personal statement, what phrases to avoid, how to reflect on your experience and the most impart of all – make a great impression and catch the admission officers’ attention.

This course is perfect for students who are starting to write their personal statements and need to make sure their personal statement is as good as it possibly can be!

Presenting The Best You On Paper

Qualified Mentors

Our mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or medical students who have been through the process and are ready to help you perfect your personal statement.

Optimal Structure

With such a limited word count, it’s vital you make the most of every character. This starts with the optimal structure.

Why Medicine?

One of the hardest parts of the entire medical school application process is communicating why you want to study medicine in such few words. We’ll show you how to do it.

Course Timetable

This course is a 4.5 hour (including lunch break) online course that covers the following:

10:00 am – Welcome and introduction session with our Mentor

10:20 am – What is the personal statement

10:30 am – Skills and qualities of a doctor/role of a doctor

10:45 am – Preparation/analysing individual skills and qualities

11:15 am – Main body/course related activities and reflection

12:15 pm – Lunch

12:45 pm – Extra-curricular activities and closing paragraph

1:30 pm – Your reasons/opening paragraph/statement 

2:15 pm – What admission officers are looking for

2:20 pm – Q&A time

2:30 pm – End of day

Learning Objectives

We have four simple and effective learning objectives for our Personal Statement course:

– Every student will understand what admission officers are looking for in personal statements

– Every student will understand the most effective way to structure their personal statement

– Every student will understand the importance of reflection

– Every student will have a framework for assessing their experiences ready to use in their personal statement

Our Mentors


Our Mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or exceptional Medical Students who have been through the process and now want to help you gain a place at medical school. Our Mentors are rigorously selected for their experience with entrance exams, personal statements, work experience and interview training to ensure they can help maximise your medical school application.

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This course is live and interactive, and currently being held online via Zoom. Each course has a maximum capacity of 25 students.


Course Fees and Dates

Course fee – £129

Please note: This course provides all the foundations for a great personal statement but does not include reviews of your personal statement. If you want personal 1-1 work on your personal statement please see our Personal Statement Reviews.

Course dates:  

Saturday 10th July 2021


What our students think…

“I didn’t have a clue how to structure and write my personal statement before this course but now I think it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s very tricky but I believe if I follow what I learned on this course it won’t be so hard.”

– Fernando (student)

“This was so good!!! The mentor was very helpful and easy-going. I’m sure I can tackle this now”

– Annabel (Student)

“My colleague recommended this as the personal statement is so important for medical schools. I think my daughter enjoyed it but more importantly she says she knows how to write it and what to write about. Excellent course”

Rohan (Parent)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?

1. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

2. We will send you the link and password for our online learning platform three days before your course start date.

3. Log in to the online platform around 10 minutes before the start time.

4. Our Mentors will take it from here, enjoy the course!

Will the Mentors write it for me?

No. Personal statements need to be personal. Our Mentors will teach you what admissions tutors are looking for and how to identify these elements within yourself and your experiences. They will teach you how to reflect on your experiences but they cannot write it for you.  

How does it work online?

We use Zoom’s online education platform. We design our online courses to be as close to a normal classroom environment as possible. It is 100% live an interactive, no recorded videos, and we expect students to have a working video and microphone to engage in the course. 

What’s the difference between this course and a personal statement review?

This course is for students starting their personal statement and therefore won’t have anything to review yet. It’s for students who want to form a great foundation and understand how to write a great personal statement. Students can always book a review after they have taken this course for more personalised feedback.