Medical School Admissions Tutoring

Online personalised 1-1 medical school admissions tutoring for students aged 15+


Expert Tip 1:

We encourage students to have a personalised medical school application timeline drawn out as early as possible. We also recommend sharing this with your family/support network so everyone is aware of upcoming events and you can prepare as a team.

Expert Tip 2:

Starting a reflection diary as early as possible is a great habit to get into. We recommend all students start this in year 11 and keep this up-to-date either weekly or monthly. This small habit will make writing your personal statement and preparing for interview much easier.
Personalised support and guidance whenever you need it.

Applying to medical school can be a stressful and challenging process. With the right support and guidance, this process is much easier. We are here to help you, we have qualified Doctors and experienced medical students ready to provide tailored support and answer any questions you may have.

Our sessions give you the opportunity to speak with a Doctor or current UK Medical Student about any aspects of the medical school application process, or medical career path you would like advice or additional help with.

Medical school admissions tutoring sessions are for aspiring medical students and are held online, which means anyone from around the world can book an admissions tutoring session.

Qualified Mentors

Our team of tutors is made up of qualified NHS Doctors and experienced medical school students. They have been through the process themselves and can help you gain that place at medical school.  

Flexible booking

Our booking system gives you the freedom to choose exactly what support you would like, when you would like it and how often. Whether you’re looking for a one-off chat or would prefer a series of support sessions, 1-1 tutoring is tailored to you.

Mentor Matching

Every student takes a questionnaire once they’ve joined. We use this data to match you with the right tutor for your needs, questions and support requirements.


What topics can the mentors cover?

Our mentors can cover almost any part of the medical school application process. If you have a specific topic such as interviews we can arrange a mentor for that. Or if you have no idea where to start our mentors can work with you to plan out your personal medical school application timeline and support you along that journey.

Typical topics might include:

– Medical school selection

– Entrance exams (UCAT & BMAT)

– Medical school interviews

– Mock interviews with feedback

– Maximising your skills and experience

– Life at medical school

– Insight into the life/career of an NHS Doctor

Who are our Mentors?

Our Mentors are qualified NHS Doctors or experienced medical students who have been through the process and now want to help you gain a place at medical school.

Our medical school admissions tutors are rigorously selected for their experience with entrance exams, personal statements, work experience and interview training to ensure they can help maximise your medical school application.

Mentor Matching

Once you’ve booked your place, you will receive a form to complete where you can tell us about what you’d like to work on in your session, whether you want to prepare for upcoming medical school interview, or just want to know a little more about life as a Doctor before committing to a medical school application. Once we receive your form, we’ll match you up with our most suitable Mentor for you so you can get the most out of your 1-1 time.

Book your space today

Once you have booked your first session we will contact you with your “mentor matching” form. We will then take a couple of days to find the best mentor for you. We aim to have your first session booked in within 1 week of your booking. If you book multiple sessions you can either choose to book them on regular intervals e.g. weekly/monthly, or use them on an ad-hoc basis.


Fees and Availability

Our sessions are all online via Zoom and last for 45 minutes.

Course fees:

1 sessions – £99

5 sessions – £399


What our students think…

“My son’s mentor was a lovely A&E Doctor. He was really struggling with his personal statement and UCAT. They split their time working on these two things and he now has an offer from two medical schools.”

– Lukas (Parent)

“Very informative and to the point. Our tutor was very well prepared and knew what we needed help with from the mentor matching form. Very professional but also very relaxed.”

– Neyri (Parent)

“I booked one session to see whether it would be beneficial. After the first session, I booked five more and I have really enjoyed them. My mentor has kept me focused and on track with my medical school application”

– Errin (Student)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a parent – can I use the service to get advice for my child?

Yes. If you are a parent and you would like additional support to help guide your son/daughter with their medical school application, you are more than welcome to book a session or sessions. 

What happens when I book?

1. You will receive an email confirmation and payment receipt

2. We will email you a link to our Mentor Matching form

3. Once completed we will review your needs and match you with the best mentor for you. 

4. We will arrange a time and date for your first session.

5. We will introduce you to your mentor and you will complete your first session.

6. If you have more than one session booked, you will liaise directly with your mentor to set your next session time and date.


Can I get advice on my personal statement?

You can share your personal statement with the tutor during the session using the share screen function, however, for a more detailed and comprehensive personal statement review we would recommend our Personal Statement Review service. Alternatively, if you want some general personal statement advice you can attend our Personal Statement Course to learn about the writing process.

Do I need to prepare anything?

All you need to prepare is access to the Zoom platform, making sure your video, speakers and microphone work. It is also important that you have an idea of what you would like support with, as your tutoring is tailored to you, and so that you can make the most of your sessions.