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The problem we solve

In a world full of decisions, we’re always asking young people questions like…


What do you want to do?


What do you want to be when you’re older?


Where do you want to study?


What do you want to study at university?


Do you want to take the apprenticeship route?

However, it is easy to forget that most young people do not have the experience needed to provide an informed answer to these questions. That is something we would like to change. 


We believe that experiential learning is the key to helping young people make informed decisions about their future. Our courses are designed to provide a realistic insight into a variety of career pathways, while also helping students develop the key skills and competencies required to pursue their ambitions and attain their chosen careers.  

Our Project Commitment is to:

1. Enlighten the next generation of students
2. Empower students to make informed career decisions
3. Encourage a global mindset

We believe, that by helping students in this manner, they leave our courses career-ready and motivated to achieve their goals; with an understanding of the global professional world – and their place in it.  


Every element of every course is designed to provide students with the best possible learning experience, both academically and personally. We want students to leave us enlightened, empowered and encouraged to think with a global mindset. Our expertly designed courses focus on five key areas of student development:

Personal Development

Cultural Immersion

Professional Exposure

Broadening Academic Horizons

Fun & Friendship

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